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They Like Us, And It's Not Just Me Saying That


In my work with our partners here at SUSE I get to interact with partners of all types. I get to talk with them about how we work together and hear not only about the marketing, which is my field, but also hear about the other engagements we work on in areas like sales, engineering and more. As a result I get a lot of feedback on what it is like to work with SUSE, both what works and what we can improve, and there is one thing I hear almost universally from all of our partners: SUSE is great to work with.

Below are a few videos we aired at our SUSE Partner Summit last month at SUSECON 2016. We went out and talked with a few of our partners to ask them what they do, how they work with SUSE, and why they like to work with us. These are some of their answers. Click the below images to watch the videos on the SUSE YouTube channel.


Peter Bailey, Enterprise Architect, Dell EMC


Patrick Fitzgerald, CEO, i-Layer


Ken Lancaster, Sr. Alliance Manager, Lenovo


Michael Kelley, Program Manager and Jose Miguel Parrella, Open Source Product Manager, Microsoft


Mark Chenn, CEO, SaltStack



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