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My 8 year old son and I had an interesting conversation the other day while driving to school. While he’s a decent student, he’s not a big fan of school, but he does love to learn new things. He asked me at what point he would “know everything” and seemed shocked when I told him that the learning journey never ends. He will continue to learn new things every day, his entire life. He got quiet and I assumed that this new revelation was sinking in… Finally he looked up and said, “Mom, I’m hungry.” So… perhaps the point wasn’t as poignant to my 2nd grader as I was hoping, but it was a good reminder that there’s an ongoing opportunity for all of us to simply learn more, every day.

SUSE offers many types of learning opportunities for those of us looking to continue the learning journey. Whether you prefer webinars or in-person day-long events, SUSE has you covered. Here’s how they compare:

  • SUSE Webinars – Monthly 60 minute sessions focused on the latest technology and Industry best-practices to enhance your business and keep you up to date.
  • SUSE Stand-Ups – Monthly technical deep-dive session related to the corresponding webinar. Learn about specific technical elements around the related SUSE Product in only 20 minutes!
  • SUSE Expert Days – One-day, in-person events in over 70 cities around the globe. Experts will discuss:
    • The challenges of the digital transformation and how open source solutions built on the Linux platform can help you to rise to the challenge
    • Deploying a Software-defined Infrastructure and delivering as-a-Service with OpenStack, Kubernetes, Docker, Ceph and Cloud Foundry
    • Improving business agility using an open DevOps approach

When I look at the options listed above, I see a great opportunity to keep learning. I hope you do too. Join SUSE at one of these upcoming events. We look forward to having you.


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