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Journey to the Edge at SUSECON Digital 22


It is just a few short weeks until SUSECON Digital 2022, which goes live June 7-9, and I am thrilled to be delivering the Edge keynote at the show.

In support of SUSE’s mission to become the most trusted and secure infrastructure stack in the market I’m going to be discussing why our Edge computing offering stands out in enabling business applications to run where they are best suited.

Sounds like fun? It will be.

My intention is to deliver a session grounded in real world edge deployments, so you can readily apply learnings to your environment and use-cases. I will talk about what Edge computing means to you in relatable terms and some of the challenges that you will need to be aware of as you consider your planning and deployment phases.

I will keep SUSECON’s Future Forward theme front and centre in discussing our vision which is both future facing, but real, touchable, and practical in a way that will allow you to plan for your immediate edge computing future.

SUSE’s vision for the edge is focused and succinct.  It is to provide the simplest to use infrastructure to manage the ever-increasing world of edge devices. Despite being a simple vision, lots of complexity, challenges, and opportunity lie beneath it.

Customer challenges surrounding edge computing solutions typically fall into three distinct areas: application lifecycle management, Kubernetes lifecycle management and operating system lifecycle management.  Plus, the overarching challenge of managing all of this at scale. Security is the invisible thread, that needs to be seamlessly integrated across the layers, for a reliable and scalable solution. At SUSECON we’ll unpack these challenges alongside SUSE’s solutions and integrated roadmap.

In true SUSECON style there will be a real-life demo of lifecycle management for edge devices, as well as my favourite part of the show, hearing from our most innovative customers about how they benefit from applying Edge computing to their environments. For example, market leading organizations like Home Depot, are successfully navigating these challenges, and implementing and operating cloud-native approaches at scale. Today.

Looking forward to seeing you on June 7-9 for all this and more!

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