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SUSE and Rancher Together at SUSECON for the First Time – Join Us!


Earlier this year, the world watched in wonder as NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars with Linux inside its Ingenuity helicopter drone. This is the latest chapter in space exploration and undeniable proof that the power of open source transcends even the boundaries of Earth. 

Open source is undoubtedly everywhere! From powering mission-critical applications across every industry to being used by innovators to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, the possibilities to Innovate Everywhere with open source technology is both evident and exciting. This is why I couldn’t be more thrilled for you to join us for SUSECON Digital, taking place May 18-20, 2021. Register now! 

Our action-packed agenda is filled with inspiring sessions, innovative content, interactive breakouts, thought-provoking case studies, exciting demos, live conversations with open source experts, and so much more. 

am honored to be joined by the following leaders on the keynote stage this year:  

  • Sheng Liang, President of Engineering & Innovation  
  • Markus Noga, VP of Solutions Technology  
  • Vojtech Pavlik, VP of Linux Systems Group  
  • Will Chan, Vice President of Engineering & Container Products  
  • Dr. Thomas Di Giacomo, Chief Product & Technology Officer  
  • Keith Basil, VP of Product, Cloud Native Infrastructure 

Additionally, this year’s event promises to be an out-of-the-world experience. We are definitely having a lot of fun paying homage to the recent space breakthroughsAs part of our creative vision, SUSECON will feature three virtual space worlds, each with their own unique content tracks focused on Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes Management, and Edge SolutionsHere’s a taste of what to expect:  

  • Travel to Linux World to hear from SUSE customers who are deploying the industry’s only adaptable Linux operating system to drive digital transformation. When it comes to deploying Linux-based solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. At Linux World you will discover how SUSE can uniquely help in this highly dynamic space. 
  • In Kube Worldyou’ll delve into why Kubernetes is indispensable to cloud-native transformation and container orchestration. Hear from experts who have been at the forefront of the Kubernetes revolution and explore how to adopt this game-changing technology in your organization. 
  • Head to Edge World and discover hoEdge computing is rapidly emerging as a key pillar in enterprises’ customer-centric, digital transformation strategy, with IDC predicting that by 2025 there will be 55.7B connected devices worldwide. Whether your goal is competitive advantage, increasing business value and revenue, or creating new customer experiences, discover what it takes to enhance your existing edge strategy or start one today.  

If you are looking to push the limits of your company’s innovation, the sky is no longer the limit  look no further than SUSERegister today to secure your spot at SUSECON Digital: Bringing you the best of Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes Management, and Edge Solutions to wherever you are!  

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