Introducing SUSE Premium Technical Advisory Services


Technical Advice, Counsel and Guidance to Keep You Competitive

The skills gap is real and hiring is expensive and time consuming. You need access to a specialist to keep your business running smoothly and stay on top of technology trends. Premium Technical Advisory Services is just that. With an assigned coordinator, you can schedule time with the right specialist at the right time. So whether you need technical expertise, mentorship or guidance, Premium Technical Advisory Services provides just the right amount of service. Premium Technical Advisory Services can be the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s digital world.

Premium Technical Advisory Services at a Glance:

Premium Technical Advisory Services is a 12-month, fixed-cost tiered offering . Having Premium Technical Advisory Services in place means having access to the right professionals at the right time who can help you:

• Maintain your business… By ensuring that your SUSE solutions are running optimally and securely on the most current releases with the latest guidance and advice to meet your current business objectives.
• Grow your business… By giving you guidance on technology trends, security insights and performance best practices to address your ever-changing business needs.
• Innovate your business… By exploring cloud native technologies like Kubernetes and Containers to move you ahead of your competition.

Note: SUSE Premium Technical Advisory Services is an annual subscription. All benefits reset at the end of 12 months.

What does Premium Technical Advisory Services Offer?

With a range of benefits, Premium Technical Advisory Services provides the services you need to keep your business competitive and your team innovating. Benefits include:

Dedicated Coordinator

Premium Technical Advisory Services provides direct access to a SUSE Services Coordinator who will work with you to schedule the right person or team for your exact concerns. They will understand your needs and get to know you and your business. Imagine one call to gain access to the specific skills you need to address your unique concerns.

On-site Days

Sometimes a phone call or a web meeting won’t do; sometimes your need technical expertise at your location. The top two tiers (Professional and Enterprise) provide that access. On-site days provide a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge transfer. Working on-site also enables your technical expert to solve immediate and potential future problems, lower IT costs and heighten productivity quickly and efficiently.

Direct Technical Professionals

Infrastructure can be complex and ever changing. What are containers and why do you need them? Is your high availability system set up correctly? How can you securely and simply manage your mixed Linux environment? Get answers to these and more with direct access to SUSE experts who can address your specific needs on your time frame.

Defined Schedules

Work directly with your coordinator to schedule time with your advisor to meet the needs and timescales of you and your team. Depending on the tier chosen, your lead time for a scheduled date will range from almost immediately to no more than 3 days. Your coordinator makes the schedule painless and Premium Technical Advisory Services gives you the freedom to address your needs with the right team.

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