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Go Forward! with Mission Critical Consolidation


Unisys has been releasing some information around beta test participants using their Forward! platform with SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP.  The testing showed a clear distinction between the performance variability of a regular hypervisor and the Unisys s-Par™ technology.  I know this may not sound like something to get excited about, but in reality, it is.

For the longest time, predictable performance is something that has been reserved for single purpose systems, mainframes and high end UNIX servers. Being stuck with only these platforms available, made it nearly a requirement to engage and license expensive proprietary software to underpin the environment or have hardware dedicated to a system that only utilizes a fraction of the resources. It was also often necessary to author your own applications for these platforms due to the lack of offerings for a specific platform. This is no longer the case.

The Forward! platform allows for moving these applications to standard SUSE Linux Enterprise on x86 hardware while allowing consolidation of multiple applications on a single platform.  Having a platform that provides predictable performance combined with the extensive list of certified applications for SUSE Linux creates many opportunities to reduce expenses and leverage the large and growing numbers of experienced Linux administrators and engineers. This is a clear win for business.

Here at SUSE, we are working closely with Unisys to provide the best solutions for the Forward! platform in the Linux space. This includes supporting SAP and other mission critical applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. As businesses get familiar with the Forward! platform, I am certain that more applications will be considered for migration to a Linux environment.  With our software partner catalog containing over 11,000 applications certified on SUSE, we are certain that the combination of Forward! and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are the best solution for predictable Linux application performance for your business.

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