The Drs. are in: Get your Diagnosis at OpenStack Summit Barcelona


If cloud is your thing, then surely OpenStack Summit Barcelona has made your list of must attend events this year. The OpenStack summit is a truly unique opportunity OpenStack software developers and users to meet and exchange ideas. Summits include in-depth technical discussions, hands-on workshops, and the full presence of almost every player in the OpenStack Ecosystem. If you are deploying OpenStack—or considering how it can help your enterprise—there’s no better way to connect with the community than the OpenStack Summit. Hundreds of the core developers will be on site to discuss all things OpenStack and if you haven’t figured it out just yet, the SUSE “doctors” will be on site to listen to your symptoms, provide you with a diagnosis and prescribe a suitable pain-free OpenStack remedy to cure your technology ailments.  Here’s a closer look at some of our activities for the week:


Delivering the Full Value of OpenStack – Mixing Evolution with Revolution

Tuesday, October 25th 11:50am-12:10pm

Simon Briggs (SUSE)

Joseph George (SUSE)

Marketplace Theatre

OpenStack is the ideal platform for development of revolutionary cloud-native workloads and for DevOps. Join us in this session to explore how OpenStack can also be used to evolve existing, traditional IT infrastructures to drive efficiency improvements, increase productivity and lower costs.

Networking approaches in a container world      

Tuesday, October 25th 12:15pm-12:55pm

Flavio Castelli (SUSE)

Antoni Segura Puimedon (Red Hat)

Neil Jerram (Tigera)

P2 – Room 212

This talk reviews how the major Linux Container networking solutions work: their implementation details, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they influence the deployment of distributed applications in both container only environments and mixed VM – Container environments.

 OpenStack and Magnum: Kubernetes as a Service for everyone         

Tuesday, October 25th 3:55pm-4:35pm

Michal Jura (SUSE)

Flavio Castelli (SUSE)

P1 – Room 118/119

This talk will show how OpenStack can act as the perfect platform to run Kuberenetes clusters by using the Magnum project. OpenStack Magnum simplifies the required integration with Kubernetes, and allows cloud users who can already launch OpenStack resources to also create application containers to run their applications.

Mainframes in the cloud                                                                                         

Wednesday, Oct 26th 11:25am-12:05pm

Pete Chadwick (SUSE)

Kershaw Mehta (IBM)

P1 – Room 133/134

Major enterprise customers continue to make significant mainframe investments to support both legacy applications, and increasingly, next gen workloads thanks to the high levels of virtualization the mainframe can support. In this talk, we explore the benefits of adding the mainframe to your hypervisor mix and demonstrate deploying workloads in a multi-hypervisor environment.

 The role of Neutron in OPNFV                                                                                           

Wednesday, Oct 26th 3.55pm-4:35pm

Rossella Sblendido (SUSE)

Christopher Price (Ericsson)

Armando Migliaccio (HPe)

P0 – Room 021

In this talk we are going to give answers to those doubts and questions. We will start with an introduction of OPNFV, what’s its scope, what are the differences with OpenStack and what value it provides. Then we will move on describing the role of Neutron and associated projects in OPNFV, the most common use cases and configurations. We will illustrate how the OPNFV and the Neutron communities interact: we will focus on some key features (e.g. vlan-aware-vms) and explain how they build towards future capabilities that will be needed by OPNFV.  To conclude we will highlight current gaps in Neutron from the NFV point of view and we will share our thoughts about future work and directions.

What’s on Deck for OpenStack? Learn About the Community Roadmap!

Thursday, Oct 27th 2:40pm-3:20pm

Pete Chadwick

Carol Barrett (Intel)

Shamail Tahir (IBM)

P1- room 117

In this session we’ll present our findings across the different projects in an effort to give users a glimpse into OpenStack’s upcoming capabilities.  The roadmap presented will span multiple releases and strive to unify the future direction of the individual projects on a per release basis. 

Building a Heat Template from the Ground Up                                                   

Thursday, October 27th 4:40pm-6:10pm

Johannes Grassler (SUSE)

Cameron Seader (SUSE)

Florian Haas (Hastexo)

P0 – Ballroom B

In this workshop, you will learn some very helpful advanced techniques for Heat, enabling you to write cleaner, faster, and more powerful Heat templates. You will find that the lessons learned in this session are easily applicable both in a private and a public cloud environment.

What’s New in OpenStack File Share Services (Manila)                                                

Thursday, Oct 27th 5:30pm-6:10pm

Thomas Bechtold [Demo of Manila on SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7]

With NetApp and Mirantis

P1 – Room 117

Manila provides multi-tenant file-share services to OpenStack. In this session, attendees will get to learn about OpenStack Manila updates that were made for the Newton cycle. Multiple demos will be included.


Be sure to add these sessions to your itinerary and visit SUSE in booth D27.


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