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Docker and Dads


I’m one of those lucky guys who woke up this morning with a 5-year-old’s arms around my neck and cries of “Happy Father’s Day!” Even the teenagers smiled, didn’t protest too much as they brought me breakfast (eggs for protein and fruit to keep me healthy). And they all tried to understand what on earth would possess me to rush my breakfast and run out the door to catch a flight for Seattle…  Well, sure – it’s the job. But as I walked through the airport, I realized that I didn’t feel as grumpy as a lot of the other dads traveling on Father’s Day actually looked. Maybe they didn’t get breakfast? Maybe they didn’t get hugs? Or maybe they aren’t headed to DockerCon 2016?

imagesIt may sound strange, but I’m really looking forward to spending the afternoon getting the SUSE booth ready at DockerCon 2016 (#G27 – come see us!), along with hundreds of other Dads who are excited for the next couple of days with all the cool technology and revolutionary ideas we will experience there.

Their web site says: “DockerCon is the community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. The two-and-a-half-day conference provides talks by practitioners, hands-on labs, an expo of Docker ecosystem innovators and great opportunities to share experiences with your peers.”

They’re modest. This tech is so cool that they actually had to turn away hundreds of people from the show this year. They sold out the show weeks in advance and have so many people on the wait list that they had to go back to Sponsors to ask for unused tickets back.

SUSE is one of the must-see stops on the show floor this year. As usual, we’ll have fun, games, prizes galore at the booth and handing out prizes to people wearing the green hat – get yours at Booth #G27! And we’ll be showing off some very cool tech of our own as well. We’ll be talking about full Docker support in SUSE Linux Enterprise, helping you collaborate securely to create Docker apps and integrating container applications in private and public clouds (think OpenStack!!) The whole idea of containers is to make IT life simpler and easier – you deserve an enterprise foundation for your infrastructure so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time supporting your container environment. We can also tell you more about Portus – the open source project SUSE started for authorization service and frontend for Docker registry.

And be sure to mark your schedule for Tuesday, from 4:20-4:40 (Ecosystem B track) to hear Michal Svec talk about “Bimodal IT” bridging the gap between traditional and agile IT services. He came all the way from the Czech Republic to tell us about it!

I’m looking forward to an awesome event this week, and to sharing this experience with 4,000 other technology fans. And to the select few (well, hundreds of) Dads who gave up some adoration/adulation time to come in and get the show ready for this week’s action – I salute you!


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