Day 3 at SUSECON 2016


Down with the end of SUSECON

Day 3 started with Michael talking about the theme ‘Down with Downtime’, “In a world where we always seem to want MORE and MORE of everything, we can all agree that ZERO downtime is best”.

He then welcomed Vice President, IBM Power Systems Ecosystem Enablement, Kathy Bennett to discuss how many customers have chosen to run HANA on Power Systems for its resiliency and IBM PowerVM which can predict how a system is running for business continuity.

Michael’s next guest, Senior VP of Data Management SAP, Brian Vink, talked about what this long term partnership is focusing on now. “SAP is enabling the Digital Transformation and one of the challenges we see in customers taking on this transformation is the constant balance between stability and agility. One of the design features of HANA is to build business continuity and other “stability” features like security and scalability into the platform so customers can focus more of their efforts into innovation and being agile” said Brian.

Thomas di Giacomo and Ralf Flaxa, President of Engineeringrounded off the keynote session with Michael to give some insights into SUSE’s approach to solving the Downtime issues.

Everyone then parted to join their sessions and reconvene later in the day for the Demopalooza.

Sadly, after that (and a cocktail), most people will leave today (though some will stay for additional hands-on sessions and to take Certification Exams tomorrow) and that will end another momentous SUSECON

See you next year!

Featured IT Hero Video

Biological E

Featured Product

SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 

5 New Features:

  • Truly unified block, object and file storage solution with the addition of production CephFS
  • Support for 64-bit ARM
  • Advanced graphical management interface with openATTIC
  • Long-distance replication for block storage and multisite object storage replication
  • Improved cluster orchestration using Salt

Read the SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 blog, When Traditional Storage is not Good Enough blog and the Large Data blog for more info.


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