Celebrating 30 Years of Openness


Celebrating 30 years of Openness 

Today is a milestone anniversary for SUSE. We are celebrating 30 years of open source innovation, and the people who made it possible: our employees, community, partners, and shareholders. 

For the past 30 years, SUSE’s impact as an open source trailblazer is as globally relevant as it is longstanding. We’ve continued to be a driver of innovation in open source – from CAT scans, life-preserving vaccines, and space missions to every-day comforts such as smart retail experiences, remote learning, and autonomous vehicles. I’m so proud of how of the foundation we have built continues to shape the technology that the world uses every day.  

None of it would have been possible without each member of our SUSE community. I thank you all. 

To our employees: 

Today is not just a celebration of SUSE’s 30th birthday, it is an opportunity to recognise remarkable individuals from around the world that make us who we are today, and who have built SUSE over three decades. After three years as SUSE CEO, I remain inspired and humbled by the hard work and dedication of the SUSE team, as we continue to transform the open source landscape. 

I’m proud of our employees’ support of SUSE’s global community. Initiatives such as the SUSE Forest, to fight climate change; SUSE Women in Technology, which helps women find connections, support and growth opportunities; Share the Meal, which donates meals to those affected by the war in Ukraine; and SUSECares, which supports various charitable organisations nominated by employees, all demonstrate the heart and compassion of the SUSE family. I am honoured to lead this talented, passionate, and engaged team. 

To our community: 

Open source software relies on a community to flourish, and SUSE is a community-first organisation. Forums such as openSUSE, the SUSE & Rancher Community, and the Kubernetes Security group bring technology practitioners and open source experts together to share information and solve problems. Some of the best ideas for future products emerge from our collaborative and supportive community of thousands of open source advocates. 

Openness is at the centre of everything we do at SUSE, and this open ethos will remain embedded in our culture. Whether you came to us 30 years ago for an enterprise Linux distribution (we were the first!), know us from the Kubernetes world through SUSE Rancher and SUSE NeuVector, or are an edge innovator seeking the next big thing, we thank you for your support and trust. 

To our partners: 

We are grateful to have a network of technology and distribution partners who represent the best brands in the industry. From our first partner, SAP, to Microsoft, HPE, Amazon, Dell, Fujitsu, Google, AMD, and many more, we grow and evolve from our relationships with you. Our customers benefit from your technology leadership and high service levels, enabling them to reach new heights in their businesses. Our achievements over the past 30 years owe much to you and your teams. 

To our shareholders: 

Thank you for trusting SUSE and our vision for the future of open source technology. Your investment led us to be the most successful enterprise software IPO in Europe in 2021, and fuels our growth as we tackle the IT infrastructure challenges of today and the next 30 years. 

The spirit of openness at SUSE continues to thrive, providing a foundation that addresses today’s business challenges, and positions us to be future-ready. We lead the way in Business-Critical Linux, Enterprise Container Management, and Edge technology. Whatever comes next, we are ideally positioned to deliver solutions that enable our customers to change the world. 


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