An AWS Webinar Double Header In November


In 2022, Kubernetes is essential to a modern, transformed digital enterprise. However  many organizations and even system integrators find it complex to implement. The last thing an organization wants is to have a mission-critical application fail due to gaps in their enterprise Kubernetes Strategy.  Now that SUSE Rancher is directly available on AWS Marketplace – SUSE and AWS are going to devote a lot more energy to helping customers realize a Kubernetes Nirvana of sorts.

To that end, we are launching 2 webinars in November to help you consider this topic more holistically.

The webinar “How to Develop an Automated Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy” provides a high level overview of some of the key considerations for DevOps and a few ways AWS and SUSE aim to help.

This webinar will cover DevOps and CI/CD best practices including:
• Containers and environment management
• Continuous delivery or deployment
• Movement from Dev to Ops

By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand the key steps for implementing your very own automated DevOps strategy and powering your journey to the cloud and beyond.

The 2nd webinar is all about cost savings. “How to Save Up to 90% On Your Cloud Costs” will show you the AWS secret weapon known as Spot Instances that has saved our customers millions on their cloud workloads.

In this webinar AWS and SUSE experts will talk about:

  • What is AWS Spot Instances
  • How does the integration between Spot and Rancher Work?
  • How do you leverage Spot + Rancher to save up to 90% on your cloud costs?
  • Best ways to mitigate risk and achieve maximum savings

So register today and find out how you can take your container game to the next level with AWS and SUSE!

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Helen Tang Helen Tang is a worldwide evangelist and runs alliances marketing at SUSE. In this role, Helen focuses on helping customers launch digital transformations in their own data centers or in the cloud. Her team helps customers adapt new infrastructure, modernize applications and implement mission critical workloads with our partner solutions.