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OpenHPC is a Linux Foundation Collaborative project in which a community of developers, researchers and vendors work to support high performance computing (HPC) by providing a free collection of prebuilt software components and documentation.

OpenHPC was started in 2015 in response to the problems of duplication and redundancy among the different HPC sites compiling HPC software. Users were finding the increasing dependencies between different software components were making installations cumbersome, and this was inhibiting the adoption of HPC. The project developed around the idea of creating an integrated and tested collection of software components that could be used to implement a fully functional Linux compute cluster. The architecture is modular, so users are free to pick and choose from the components rather than being forced to adopt the entire OpenHPC stack.

The software components provided by OpenHPC are the same components found in most HPC environments, including performance tools, I/O libraries, a range of development and provisioning tools, compilers, resource managers, and a variety of scientific libraries. OpenHPC supports many different Linux distributions and architectures. It also provides a package repository for CentOS 7 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12. SUSE Linux Enterprise for High Performance Computing provides a number of fully supported HPC packages, many of which are based on packages from OpenHPC.