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IBM LinuxONE Systems are low-cost, specialized servers built exclusively to run Linux enterprise applications. They are popular in small and mid-sized organizations because LinuxONE environments are extremely stable, requiring minimal human interaction which reduces the risk of human error. Each LinuxONE core can replace 10 to 12 x86 cores, which reduces the number of servers in the data center. They require less downtime for tasks like adding new servers, since containers and virtual servers can be activated quickly, and new physical servers can be added automatically in seconds, as opposed to the extensive human intervention needed for an x86 solution. LinuxONE provides high availability approaching 100% uptime, and extreme scalability, supporting exponential transactional and workload growth with diminishing costs per unit of work. It is the only Linux server with end-to-end pervasive encryption and protects data against threats with IBM’s Secure Service Container technology.

LinuxONE supports a wide range of current technologies including Java, Docker and other containers, Chef, Puppet, KVM, and multiple Linux distributions. It is used in data centers to run a traditional Mode 1 legacy environment and is also used in Mode 2 environments for things like hosting a cloud platform. Having a LinuxONE environment simplifies and dramatically speeds the process of disaster recovery, if that becomes necessary. A key advantage here is its shared-everything data architecture, which removes the need for multiple copies of files and databases. This prevents the problems that result when things are out-of-sync and makes it faster to set up and execute your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. LinuxONE also supports IBM’s GDPS (geographically disbursed parallel sysplex), which helps automate recovery procedures.

One of the main reasons companies choose LinuxONE is the total cost of ownership (TCO). Analysts expect a mid-sized business or larger that builds on a LinuxONE environment will be able to cut their TCO by 50% or more with savings across hardware, software, financing, personnel, power and facilities costs. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for z Systems and LinuxONE is engineered to optimize the LinuxONE environment and supports IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper and IBM LinuxONE Emperor servers.