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Dashboard, Object Gateway, RGW REST API cannot be reached.

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SUSE Enterprise Storage 6


Customer need to manage SES Dashboard/Object Gateway. But gets message "RGW REST API cannot be reached"


The SES Dashboard gets the RGW information automatically.

To enable the auto-detection you need to make sure that the RGW_API_PORT is 80, RGW_API_HOST must be an empty string and RGW_API_SCHEME must be 'http'. If you modify one of them, then the auto-detection is disabled and the default values or any configured values are used.  

In this case this should be "rgw01" with the address ""

The auto-detection uses the first found entry of the output from 'ceph report' which is located at ''.

 # ceph report | jq '.servicemap'
report 1324590349
  "epoch": 23,
  "modified": "2020-11-23 15:19:25.392596",
  "services": {
    "mds": {
      "daemons": {
        "summary": "",
        "rgw01": {
          "start_epoch": 0,
          "start_stamp": "0.000000",
          "gid": 0,
          "addr": ":/0",
          "metadata": {},
          "task_status": {
            "scrub status": "idle"
    "rgw": {
      "daemons": {
        "summary": "",
        "rgw01": {
          "start_epoch": 18,
          "start_stamp": "2020-11-23 09:42:09.721718",
          "gid": 1924449,
          "addr": "",
          "metadata": {
            "arch": "x86_64",
            "ceph_release": "nautilus",
            "ceph_version": "ceph version 14.2.13-450-g65ea1b614d (65ea1b614db8b6d10f334a8ff67c4de97f73bcbf) nautilus (stable)",
            "ceph_version_short": "14.2.13-450-g65ea1b614d",
            "cpu": "Intel Xeon E312xx (Sandy Bridge, IBRS update)",
            "distro": "sles",
            "distro_description": "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1",
            "distro_version": "15.1",
            "frontend_config#0": "beast port=80",
            "frontend_type#0": "beast",
            "hostname": "rgw01",
            "kernel_description": "#1 SMP Fri Sep 4 14:58:39 UTC 2020 (f8eb45a)",
            "kernel_version": "4.12.14-197.56-default",
            "mem_swap_kb": "1048572",
            "mem_total_kb": "1855368",
            "num_handles": "1",
            "os": "Linux",
            "pid": "328172",
            "zone_id": "b510603a-182e-4b9c-aaea-554a9fcf8d69",
            "zone_name": "default",
            "zonegroup_id": "f25b88ac-790b-4921-be78-4a7b261e5ec6",
            "zonegroup_name": "default"
          "task_status": {}
---[cut here]---

Using this address (auto-detected or manually configured) you should be able to connect the Dashboard with the RGW.

Configre SES Dashboard for auto  detection method:
Record current values:
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-port
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-host
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-scheme

Now change the following parameters, if nessesary:
# ceph dashboard set-rgw-api-port 80
# ceph dashboard set-rgw-api-host ""
# ceph dashboard set-rgw-api-scheme http

Validate configuraiton changed:
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-port
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-host
# ceph dashboard get-rgw-api-scheme

May need to disable/enable SES dashboard:
# ceph mgr module disable dashboard
# ceph mgr module enable dashboard

In a browser, new tab, goto the SES dashboard/Object Gateway.  
See if messages is no longer displayed.


SES Dashboard is not configured correctly to communicate with the rgw's to display requested information. 


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  • Creation Date: 25-Nov-2020
  • Modified Date:25-Nov-2020
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