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How to restore Crowbar backup on the admin node

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SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7


Admin node is in a state where it needs to restore backup.


Following steps will clean and restore backup without need to reinstall the admin node

0. Create a snapshot prior cleaning up (optional for btrfs)
snapper create -d "cleaned admin node"

1. Check admin node uses localhost and ip of admin server as dns servers.

Can be restored from cache if needed:
cp -a /var/lib/crowbar/cache/etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf

DNS forwarders can be added to

Example resolv.conf:
cat >/etc/resolv.conf <<EOF

2. Stop all cloud services
for service in crowbar crowbar-jobs crowbar-init \
  tftp chef-{server,solr,expander,client} couchdb \
  apache2 named dhcpd xinetd rabbitmq-server postgresql dnsmasq; \
do \
  systemctl stop $service; \

2.1 Stop unstopped processes (if they exists)
killall epmd # part of rabbitmq

3. Deinstall cloud packages
zypper rm \
  `rpm -qa|grep -e crowbar -e chef -e cloud -e apache2` \
  couchdb createrepo erlang rabbitmq-server sleshammer yum-common \
  bind bind-chrootenv dhcp-server tftp

4. Delete content in cloud directrories

rm -rf /opt/dell/* \
  /etc/{bind,chef,crowbar,crowbar.install.key,dhcp3,xinetd.d/tftp} \
  /etc/sysconfig/{dhcpd,named/*,rabbitmq-server} \
  /var/lib/{chef,couchdb,crowbar,dhcp,rabbitmq} \
  /var/run/{chef,crowbar,named/*,rabbitmq} \
  /var/log/{apache2,chef,couchdb,crowbar,nodes,rabbitmq} \
  /var/cache/chef \
  /var/chef \
  /var/lib/pgsql/* \

(Note: In case of non btrfs root partition some directrories needs to be recreated)
5. Verify subprocesses are also down after deinstallation (usually not needed anymore)

killall epmd

############ #clean state #############

6. Create snapshot of cleaned admin node (optional for btrfs)
snapper create -d "cleaned admin node"

7.  Ensure admin node is resolvable, nslookup and ping works
#e.g. start dnsmasq and add ip/name to /etc/hosts as needed
systemctl start dnsmasq.service

8. Install required patterns
zypper in -t pattern base cloud_admin

9. apply PTF fix for hostname check against /etc/hostname instead "hostname -f" if still needed
rpm -Fhv /ptf/*.rpm

10. Prepare backup in place
mkdir restore
cd restore
tar -xvf ../backup-restore.tar.gz

10.1 Make sure admin node is network.json compliant - the admin ip matches
first ip of an interface ( usually eth0 )
cp crowbar/configs/crowbar/network.json /etc/crowbar/network.json

10.2 Copy/Add hostnames to "/etc/hosts" from backup if not sufficient
cp crowbar/configs/hostname /etc/hostname

10.3 If using remote SMT add ip/name to the backup tar (not needed if reachable
via separate bastion network)
echo " smt-server">> crowbar/configs/hosts
echo "" >> /etc/sysconfig/network/routes

10.4 Create new tar-archive with changes
tar -czvf restore.tar.gz crowbar/ knife/ meta.yml

11 Start crowbar-init
systemctl start crowbar-init

12 Create empty crowbar database
crowbarctl database create

(To check sanity checks what causes issues access via browser:

######## #restore ########

13 Create snapshot prior restore (optional for btrfs)
snapper create -d "clean admin node prior uploading/restore backup"

14 Upload restore tarball
crowbarctl backup upload restore.tar.gz --debug --anonymous

(Note:if it still does not work check to use fqdn in /etc/hostnames or get PTF installed

15 Restore backup
crowbarctl backup list
crowbarctl backup restore <name-from-list>

16 monitor progress
tail -f /var/log/apache2/*log /var/log/crowbar/*

(or access installer within browser

17 finally check services are up, if not start them:
for service in crowbar crowbar-jobs \
  tftp chef-{server,solr,expander,client} couchdb \
  apache2 named dhcpd xinetd rabbitmq-server postgresql dnsmasq; \
do \
  systemctl status $service; \


Crowbar backup can only be restored on a fresh/clean admin node.

Additional Information

Crowbar backups can be created frequently running e.g. as cron job:
/usr/bin/crowbarctl backup create "$(date '+%Y%m%d-%H%M%S')"

In addition, as backup routine dumps the configuration it's needed to check if any of the proposals
for the barclamps has a bad status:

mkdir check
cd check
tar -xzvf <path to backup tar>
grep "crowbar-" knife/roles/*.json|grep -i failed

Note: When restoring a crowbar backup current uploaded backups get removed, please download them before.


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  • Creation Date: 17-May-2018
  • Modified Date:03-Mar-2020
    • SUSE Open Stack Cloud

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