Jabberd does not start after installing patch sleman21-jabberd-12641 ('[Errno 111] Connection refused')

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SUSE Manager 2.1


After installing the patches:
  • sleman21-jabberd-12641
  • Package version 2.2.17-0.14.16
the component c2s of jabberd dies after startup with the following error messages:

Jul  8 07:19:46 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[7490]: error from router: Authentication failed ((null))
Jul  8 07:19:52 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[7490]: connection to router closed
Jul  8 07:19:52 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[7490]: shutting down

Trying to start osa-dispatcher with "rcosa-dispatcher start" throws the error:

Starting osa-dispatcher: SUSE Manager 8398 2016/07/08 07:26:49 +02:00: ('Error connecting to jabber server: [Errno 111] Connection refused',)

The logging in /var/log/messages shows something like:

Jul 11 09:34:02 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[3238]: attempting connection to router at, port=5347
Jul 11 09:34:02 SUMA21 jabberd/router[3201]: [, port=52554] connect
Jul 11 09:34:02 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[3238]: DIGEST-MD5 client step 2
Jul 11 09:34:02 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[3238]: error from router: Authentication failed ((null))
Jul 11 09:34:02 SUMA21 jabberd/c2s[3238]: connection to router closed


While SUSE is working on a fix, the following workaround has been identified:

The problem seems to be in the file /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml, it is missing some customzied parames, e.g.:

<     <id register-enable='mu'>localhost.localdomain</id>
>     <id require-starttls="false" pemfile="/etc/pki/spacewalk/jabberd/server.pem" realm="" register-enable="true">dns.name</id>

The file /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml.rpmsave keeps a copy of the previous xml and still has these settings.

Please note that iit is essential that the c2s.xml file has the ownership root:jabber at the and, this is why we recommend to use "cp -a"
(1) copy both files to a different location:
  • cp -a /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml /tmp/.
  • cp -a /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml.rpmsave /tmp/.
(2) replace the c2s.xml with the old c2s.xml.rpmsave:
  • cp -a /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml.rpmsave /etc/jabberd/c2s.xml
(3) restart jabberd:
  • rcjabberd restart
(4) restart all the spacewalk services:
  • spacewalk-service restart
This document will be updated as soon as a final fix is available.


The latest jabberd update overwrite the jabberd config with a standard template, missing hostname and password. SUSE is currently removing the update from the updates repository.

A fixed patch will be provided as soon as possible.

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