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panic in btrfs_end_transaction - btrfs/super.c:220 __btrfs_abort_transaction

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2


The system panics during normal system operation. The machine locks up and a reboot is required. The following is logged:

[] WARNING: at /usr/src/packages/BUILD/kernel-default-3.0.13/linux-3.0/fs/btrfs/super.c:220 __btrfs_abort_transaction+0xc3/0xd0 [btrfs]()
[] Hardware name: [ cut ]            
[] Modules linked in: [ cut ]            
[] Supported: Yes
[] Pid: 28882, comm: btrfs-endio-wri Not tainted 3.0.13-0.27-default #1
[] Call Trace:
[]  [<ffffffff810048b5>] dump_trace+0x75/0x300
[]  [<ffffffff8143ea0f>] dump_stack+0x69/0x6f
[]  [<ffffffff81059e2b>] warn_slowpath_common+0x7b/0xc0
[]  [<ffffffffa04a7cc3>] __btrfs_abort_transaction+0xc3/0xd0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04c3b2e>] btrfs_del_csums+0x2ae/0x2c0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04bdb43>] __btrfs_free_extent+0x5a3/0x7b0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04bdfea>] run_delayed_data_ref+0x14a/0x160 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04be19e>] run_clustered_refs+0xce/0x310 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04be519>] btrfs_run_delayed_refs+0x139/0x2e0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04cdd57>] __btrfs_end_transaction+0xb7/0x2a0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04d3a03>] btrfs_finish_ordered_io+0x2d3/0x3d0 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04ecd64>] end_extent_writepage+0x64/0x110 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04ece65>] end_bio_extent_writepage+0x55/0x80 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffffa04f9236>] worker_loop+0x156/0x490 [btrfs]
[]  [<ffffffff8107b676>] kthread+0x96/0xa0
[]  [<ffffffff8144a7c4>] kernel_thread_helper+0x4/0x10
[] DWARF2 unwinder stuck at kernel_thread_helper+0x4/0x10
[] Leftover inexact backtrace:
[]  [<ffffffff8107b5e0>] ? kthread_worker_fn+0x190/0x190
[]  [<ffffffff8144a7c0>] ? gs_change+0x13/0x13
[] ---[ end trace 5de77f91cdc44ac9 ]---
[] BTRFS error (device md6) in btrfs_del_csums:647: error 11
[] btrfs is forced readonly
[] BTRFS error (device md6) in __btrfs_free_extent:5082: error 11
[] run_one_delayed_ref returned -11
[] BTRFS error (device md6) in btrfs_run_delayed_refs:2449: error 11
[] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at fffffffffffffff2
[] IP: [<ffffffffa04cdccb>] __btrfs_end_transaction+0x2b/0x2a0 [btrfs]
[] PGD 1a05067 PUD 1a06067 PMD 0            
[] Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP            
[] CPU 3            
[] Modules linked in: [cut]            
[] Supported: Yes
[] Pid: 28882, comm: btrfs-endio-wri Tainted: G        W     3.0.13-0.27-default #1            
[] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffffa04cdccb>]  [<ffffffffa04cdccb>] __btrfs_end_transaction+0x2b/0x2a0 [btrfs]


This bug in kernel 3.0.13-0.27 was fixed with kernel 3.0.26-0.7.


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  • Document ID:7004074
  • Creation Date: 12-Apr-2012
  • Modified Date:12-Oct-2022
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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