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Industry: Healthcare
Location: Egypt
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Roshdy Pharmacies


  • Provides stable foundation to support rapid business expansion
  • Offers high security, protecting healthcare data and gaining customer trust
  • Delivers 100% uptime, enabling the business to serve customers 24/7


Roshdy Pharmacies depends on its IT systems to help provide customers across Egypt with the health and beauty products they need—but as the business rapidly expanded, its legacy business systems struggled to keep up. By migrating to SAP ERP software running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, the company benefits from high security and 100% uptime for its core business functions, supporting further successful growth.


Roshdy Pharmacies opened its first branch in 2008, and now runs 105 stores across Egypt, employing 5,000 people. The company offers health and beauty products, formations from its own laboratories, as well as related services delivered by its qualified professional team.

The Challenge

Roshdy Pharmacies relies on information technology to run its business smoothly, and provide customers with the health and beauty products they need. However, as the company rapidly expanded, its legacy infrastructure and applications were struggling to keep up.

Mohamed Mostafa Ashour, IT Manager at Roshdy Pharmacies, said: “We opened our first pharmacy in 2008, and have already grown to 105 stores—and we’re not looking to slow down any time soon.

“We were using a local business administration system running on Microsoft Windows, but the technology was limited in its performance and scalability. As we grew, these limitations became more obvious. The servers kept going down, risking disruption to our business and to the customer experience.

“We work 24/7 here, so 100% uptime is vital. We decided we needed a new business system running on Linux, which could deliver the stability, flexibility and efficiency we needed to support the further expansion.”

“Supported by this stable, secure, high-performance architecture from SUSE, we’re now on the right track for further expansion, so we can serve even more customers across Egypt.”

SUSE Solution

Roshdy Pharmacies considered a number of ERP systems before selecting SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA), running on SUSE Linux En­terprise Server for SAP Applications. By choosing SAP S/4HANA, the pharmaceutical group benefits from the latest SAP best practices and workflows for its core business processes, built on a fast, in-memory HANA data platform.

“We were attracted by the stability of the SAP solution, and were confident it could support our business processes effectively moving forward,” said Mohamed Mostafa Ashour. “We looked at both SUSE and Red Hat distributions of Linux, and felt that the SUSE offering was more agile and easier to manage, while offering us excellent security, usability and functionality.

“The YaST installation tool was very intuitive, and we made full use of its powerful configuration abilities. We were particularly impressed by the GUI, which was very approachable and easy-to­-use, and by SUSE’s in­-memory system security hardening. It was also a very economical choice for us, and we built a good relationship with the SUSE team.”

In addition, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has a first­-rate reputation as the leading Linux distribution for enterprise organizations running SAP. It is performance­ optimized and configured to provide the best possible support for SAP applications, and is regularly updated with new optimizations as SAP releases new versions of its software.

Roshdy Pharmacies is running its SAP environment on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hardware, utilizing VMware virtualization; HPE assisted with the deployment of the new SUSE and SAP technologies.

“It was a challenge to transfer data from our old system, but overall the implementation process was very smooth—we were up and running on the new platform within two months,” said Mohamed Mostafa Ashour.

The Results

With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications supporting its SAP environment, Roshdy Pharmacies’ IT systems can now support the company’s growth—not hinder it.

“The SUSE platform is very easy to configure and manage, enabling the IT team to concentrate on further innovation rather than maintenance,” said Mohamed Mostafa Ashour. “SUSE’s architecture also makes things easier—we especially like the fact that we can patch the kernel without rebooting.”

The SUSE solution has been an operational success. “It has delivered 100% uptime so far,” said Mohamed Mostafa Ashour. “This has helped reduce the risk of disruption to customers, enabling our business to operate around the clock, and providing a stable foundation for future business growth.

“The cost­-effectiveness of the SUSE solution is also a major benefit. The simplified, automated nature of SAP HANA and S/4HANA mean they can easily scale up as the business expands.”

As a player in the healthcare sector, security is a key concern for Roshdy Pharmacies.

“We handle confidential personal and financial data about our customers, so the security offered by the new technology is a huge benefit to our business,” said Mohamed Mostafa Ashour. “Gaining the trust of customers is critical to our success, and the high security provided by the SUSE solution helps us earn that trust.

“Supported by this stable, secure, high­ performance architecture from SUSE, we’re now on the right track for further expansion, so we can serve even more customers across Egypt.”