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Bikurei Hasadeh Darom greatly improves transactions speed and system stability


  • SAP HANA database provides stable, high-performance platform for business data
  • SAP Business One drives fast, smooth transactions
  • Highly engineered SUSE platform minimizes costly skills training


Founded in its current form in 1994, Bikurei Hasadeh Darom is one of Israel’s largest food conglomerates. With annual revenues of $1.3 billion, Bikurei Hasadeh Darom imports, produces, markets and distributes a wide variety of products.


One of Israel’s largest food conglomerates, Bikurei Hasadeh Darom needs the ability to reliably handle financial transactions at every stage of the production and distribution process. The company decided to deploy SAP Business One ERP software on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications, running on Dell EMC hardware. Bikurei Hasadeh Darom has greatly improved the speed of transactions and stability of its systems and is looking to expand its SAP landscape in the future.

The Challenge

Operating in the highly competitive food industry, Bikurei Hasadeh Darom decided to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to maintain its margins.

“Our business encompasses all aspects of food production and distribution, from agriculture to retail,” says Kobi Altchek, infrastructure manager at Bikurei Hasadeh Darom. “With that level of complexity, financial planning is imperative.”

Bikurei Hasadeh Darom had been running its financial software on the IBM AS/400 platform, but long-term growth strategy dictated that it adopt a more agile platform.

“Our IT department had prospective users — executives, secretaries, financial personnel — test potential user interfaces,” says Altchek. “Their feedback showed that SAP Business One was by far the most intuitive.”

“The SAP HANA database means all the relevant information is available immediately. We can automatically generate and file invoices, and our monthly charges and regular payments run more smoothly, thanks to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.”

SUSE Solution

As Bikurei Hasadeh Darom wanted to run the SAP HANA database for its new SAP Business One environment, it chose SLES for SAP Applications, running on Dell EMC hardware. The SAP environment was integrated with the company’s existing AS/400 (IBM i) system via a Web Services interface.

Bikurei Hasadeh Darom valued the SUSE’s platform’s maturity. “The fact that SLES is such a stable, highly-engineered platform meant we didn’t have to invest heavily in new skills training for our staff, which was a big plus financially.”

The Web Services interface between SAP Business One and the AS/400 system helps integrate finance with other operations. For example, software running on the AS/400 processes customer orders, generates picking lists, manages the forklift trucks in Bikurei Hasadeh Darom’s warehouses, labels consignments and relays order information to SAP Business One, which automatically generates customer invoices.

“We are thrilled that Bikurei Hasadeh Darom has chosen SAP Business One,” says Erez Dahan, SAP Business One leader at SAP Israel. “They are part of a community of thousands of SAP Business One customers who have chosen to deploy this solution while also leveraging the leading digital platform SAP HANA. This solution will help them in their digital transformation, allowing them to realize benefits for lasting business value for the digital age.”

Bikurei Hasadeh Darom also receives regular support from Xact, the leading SAP Technology integrator in Israel with 200 consultants. Based mostly on veterans of Israel defense forces elite technology units, Xact is experienced in unique landscapes and complex infrastructures. “Every Sunday, Xact reports on the state of the system,” says Altchek. “The stability of the SUSE environment is remarkable, and we appreciate Xact’s services here.”

Roy Rozenblum, CTO and co-founder at Xact, comments: “From our experience, the key to success is working with the right partners. Xact sees itself as the partner of its customers. With SUSE and Dell EMC, we knew we could get Bikurei Hasadeh Darom up and running in no time, with the best performance.”

Nir Goldshmid, senior solutions architect at Dell EMC, says: “Dell EMC invests a lot of effort and resources in our customers’ data centers, as this is fundamental to their digital transformation processes. We see enterprise solutions as a significant growth engine, and we work closely with our partners and customers to provide the best infrastructure platform for their most demanding data center workloads.

“SAP HANA is a key vertical that we are laser-focused on, with a wide IT infrastructure solutions portfolio to support any workload based on TDI or Appliances. The efforts we invest in the Israeli SAP Business One partners and our strategic alliance with SUSE will bring greater business value for our customers in the future. Our goal as Dell EMC is to enable the business outcomes our customers need to stay relevant, stay competitive, and unlock innovation and value through digital transformation.”

The Results

SAP Business One on SLES for SAP Applications has enabled Bikurei Hasadeh Darom to significantly improve financial operations.

“Everything is more organized now,” says Altchek. “The SAP HANA database means all the relevant information is available immediately. We can automatically generate and file invoices, and our monthly charges and regular payments run more smoothly, thanks to SLES.”

Finally, Bikurei Hasadeh Darom is considering expanding this solution to other parts of the business. “We are thinking of adding a Warehouse Management System to SAP Business One, to improve our logistics,” says Altchek. “In the meantime, SLES has provided a strong, reliable platform for our financial transactions, with real potential for future business growth.”