Mission-critical Computing

When systems simply can't go down, choose SUSE for mission-critical computing.

Do you have applications and IT services that are so important to your business that if they go down for even a short time, you may incur significant financial losses, violate laws and regulations or even endanger human life?

For these services, you need maximum uptime—through high availability clustering, hardware redundancy and other approaches. However, most high availability solutions are very expensive and complex to install and manage, preventing customers from deploying them widely across their IT environment.

Enterprise Linux Servers from SUSE is a proven solution for running mission-critical workloads that require extremely high uptime. The solution includes robust high availability (HA) clustering capabilities, including:

  • Automated failover
  • Clustered file system
  • Clustered logical volume management
  • Data replication

Best of all, these capabilities are pre-integrated, making it easy for you to quickly install and configure your own HA clusters and services. Moreover, our open source HA solution costs thousands of dollars less than proprietary technologies, allowing you to reduce costs and deploy HA clustering to more servers than you could otherwise afford.

When systems simply can’t go down, customers choose SUSE for mission-critical computing. For example, German Air Traffic Control relies on SUSE for its key radar processing applications, protecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of travelers each year. Our leadership in mission-critical computing has also led SAP to recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise and to certify our high availability solution for running SAP applications in a clustered environment. (In fact, today SUSE is the number one Linux provider for SAP customers worldwide.)

Regardless of which hypervisor you choose, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is also the “perfect guest” operating system for virtual deployments. Our technical collaboration with VMware, Microsoft, the Xen community, the KVM community and Amazon have resulted in optimizations that give SUSE Linux Enterprise Server a performance advantage over other operating systems when running as a virtual machine guest.

Through our collaboration with Microsoft, you also receive full support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as a guest operating system on Microsoft Hyper-V. In addition, you can run an unlimited number of virtual machines for the price of a single operating system subscription with the SUSE solution.

Achieve maximum performance in your virtual deployments, backed by comprehensive technical support, all at the lowest cost of ownership.

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