Drive transformation of your IT infrastructure with Enterprise Linux

Servers based on SUSE Linux Enterprise solutions are some of the most reliable, efficient, cost-effective software infrastructure systems available and are used by 78% of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Designed for mixed IT environments, helping you simplify your multimodal IT environment by bridging traditional and software-defined infrastructures. As businesses transform their IT landscapes to support present and future demands, SUSE Linux Enterprise solutions provide the foundation for both their traditional and growing containerized workloads.

Our "common code base" approach helps break the silos of IT systems and allows organizations to innovate freely and adapt to changing business demands, while supporting mission-critical applications that demand security, availability and global support.

Enterprises can design, deploy and run cloud-native, microservices-based applications using our Multimodal platform. Many organizations are adopting Kubernetes as part of a DevOps approach. You can use SUSE Container as a Service Platform to automate the orchestration and management of your containerized applications and services with powerful Kubernetes capabilities.

Developers can start with a free developer subscription or community Linux (openSUSE Leap) and easily move to fully supported enterprise Linux with just a few clicks. This brings the benefits of enterprise support and services for production systems to community openSUSE Leap-developed systems. As a result, you achieve faster time to market by accelerating the transition from developer setups to production deployments.

What can Enterprise Linux solutions from SUSE do for you?

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