SUSE Embedded Security White Paper

Learn about the security challenges facing embedded systems and hardware, and how SUSE can help mitigate risk.

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Teradata Case Study Video

Teradata, one of the world's largest analytic data solution and data warehousing storage providers, relies on SUSE for enterprise-quality systems, tools, and support.

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Supported vs. Unsupported Linux for Embedded Development

Understand the differences between Unsupported and Supported Linux and make the right choice for building, managing & scaling embedded systems.

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Easier, Faster, Smarter. Do more with your Embedded Operating System

Build and maintain reliable, flexible, and secure embedded solutions that securely bring the data center and edge together.

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Enabling Secure IoT Gateways with Linux

Security, interoperability, low cost and simple management make embedded operating systems from SUSE the clear choice for IoT gateways.

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Just the right amount of SUSE for Embedded Linux Applications

For organizations seeking an embedded operating system that can be built into products, SUSE Embedded Linux solutions deliver secure, flexible, and scalable enterprise Linux software and support. Ideal for manufacturers of devices, hardware, and appliances, SUSE Embedded makes it easy to develop, maintain, grow, and manage embedded Linux systems across a wide range of platforms and industries.

Embedded system developers will benefit from an optimized system footprint running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server that provides access to:

  • Tools and training that make development and management simple
  • Flexible embedded-specific subscription models that keep costs down, lowering total cost of ownership
  • Powerful, real-time security with full transparency into code fixes, patches and updates
  • World-class support from proven Linux experts throughout a product lifecycle
  • A dedicated and experienced partner that can maximize the power and flexibility of Linux in order to help organizations succeed

The adoption of Linux in the embedded operating systems market is projected to grow steadily in the coming years as interconnected devices and systems continue to become more pervasive.

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Embedded Customers

Backed by the Industry’s Best.

The advantages that come with using Linux have made it one of the fastest growing platforms for manufacturers of appliances, hardware, and devices that require embedded systems.

While SUSE Linux Enterprise is one of the most developer-friendly distributions available, long-term stability and success is often driven largely by the management and support of the system itself. That’s where SUSE engineers can add impactful value.

With a ready-to-scale enterprise-grade system and access to the SUSE engineering support team, our embedded solutions are backed by comprehensive training and advanced productivity tools that create long-term value and cost savings for our partners and customers.

The open source, industry-standard, and supported distribution of JeOS as an embedded operating system allows companies to better leverage hardware components, applications, storage, and server platforms that align with a wide range of markets and customized design.

Reap the benefits of having access to the #1 Linux support in the industry backing your embedded applications, and stay focused on innovation and business solutions that drive growth.

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Safe and Secure? No Problem.

As more functionality is packed into a smaller product footprint, security, and the ability to manage it, has become increasingly complex.

That’s why SUSE Embedded systems have tools and processes that create defense in layers, provide transparency into how issues are tracked and resolved, and grants access to a dedicated team of security experts.

Since JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) is made up of specified packages available through SUSE Linux Enterprise, all embedded solutions are backed by the strength and reliability of enterprise-grade security. SUSE partners and customers can rest assured knowing that highly experienced security experts:

This commitment helps ensure fixes and notifications regarding the most critical security issues are available to SUSE Embedded partners almost immediately, meaning reduced exposure and minimized risk for embedded operating systems, hardware, and product end-users.

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Development. Management. Customization. Simple.

To optimize the performance and reliability of embedded applications in a device, hardware or appliance, the operating system must be easy to configure and customizable. Using SUSE Linux Enterprise as the foundation, JeOS (Just Enough Operating System) for embedded Linux helps streamline the development processes and provides an enterprise-grade foundation that can be modified and updated to align with business and project requirements.

SUSE Embedded solutions integrate seamlessly with industry-standard architectures, hardware components, server and storage applications, and networking applications. JeOS also allows developers to build on the platform that aligns with the project, and is optimized for ARM64 and x86.

With the ability to easily strip down the operating system, embedded developers are empowered to:

  • Install only what is needed
  • Configure what is installed
  • Enable and protect what is configured
  • Securely run what is enabled

The SUSE Embedded subscription and pricing model allows flexibility in agreements in order to align with embedded-specific requirements, while a suite of developer and management tools make it simple to improve efficiency.

The Open Build Service even allows you to build, update, configure and manage your application images through its powerful web-based tool.

Contact us to discuss how SUSE can help remove the challenges of in-house management and the high costs associated with proprietary platforms.