Deliver Applications Faster

Create winning customer experiences with faster, more efficient application delivery

To thrive in a software-driven economy, your business must deliver new applications faster than ever before. SUSE is here to support you with a Kubernetes-based application platform that help you deliver with unsurpassed efficiency and control.

Accelerate delivery of winning customer experiences

Accelerate delivery of winning customer experiences

Amid the ever-growing speed of digital disruption, it's essential for you to develop and deploy new products and improved customer experiences. Packaging code in containers is just the first step to faster cycle times.  You also need ways to build and deliver applications and deploy them either on-premise or in the cloud.

SUSE helps you deliver applications faster and more efficiently to increase competitiveness in the digital age. Based on industry-leading Kubernetes container management technology, we enable you to automate lifecycle management of modern applications in a way that is packaged, delivered, and supported for enterprise users.

Modern application platforms, ready for the enterprise

Simplify the delivery process

Your organization's application developers are facing pressure to get new features into production faster, so you can deliver new products and experiences to customers. It can be a challenge to build the cloud native skills they now need—with container packaging, microservice architectures, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery processes, and DevOps teaming—while also meeting near-term business priorities.

SUSE is committed to simplicity so you can focus on the outcomes that matter most today, and tomorrow. We bring you the power of many—many solutions and partners working together in an open ecosystem that delivers innovation and customer-focused services for every phase of your journey.

Increase business agility

Today's modern applications are designed to be deployed and managed fully automatically by Kubernetes, opening the door to unprecedented levels of production and responsiveness to new customer expectations. Application operators should look to take full advantage of this container platform to automate and troubleshoot deployment, availability, security, performance, and maintenance of containerized applications.

SUSE helps you make the most of this opportunity with ready-to-use workflow automation. You can take advantage of containers and Kubernetes without the learning curve—your developers write the code, and the SUSE platform does the rest. See how SUSE can help you innovate for faster delivery of winning customer experiences.

Modern application platforms, ready for the enterprise

Containers, Kubernetes and the Road to Cloud-native

A pragmatic guide for business and IT leaders.

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Transform your approach


Our easy, ready-to-use deployment automation shrinks application delivery cycle times to deliver engaging customer experiences more quickly


We enable you to run legacy workloads alongside cloud-native applications in the digital enterprise


Our solutions accelerate production of applications across landscapes of your choice

    Customer Success Stories

    Cloudical reduces IT operating costs by up to 80%

    • Full control over data processing and storage to meet legal and compliance requirements
    • Flexible development and deployment of cloud-native applications and microservices
    • Supports modern, agile DevOps and business processes

    Datalounges gets Kubernetes clusters up and running in a few minutes

    • Foundation for high-performance cloud-native applications
    • Moves Kubernetes cluster between nodes with zero downtime
    • Continuous release cycle delivers new features and patches to users quickly

    Tymlez deploys production-ready Kubernetes clusters 75% faster

    • Enables seamless and cost-efficient scaling to meet spikes in demand
    • Reduces enterprise adoption of solution from months to days
    • Private cloud protects sensitive customer data and eases compliance

See the difference with SUSE Application Delivery Solutions

SUSE CaaS Platform

An enterprise class container management solution that enables IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage, and scale container-based applications and services.

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SUSE Cloud Application Platform

A modern application delivery platform that offers a cloud native developer experience in Kubernetes, accelerating innovation by getting applications to market faster.

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