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CVE-2021-40827 at MITRE


Clementine Music Player through 1.3.1 (when a GLib 2.0.0 DLL is used) is vulnerable to a Read Access Violation on Block Data Move, affecting the MP3 file parsing functionality at memcpy+0x265. The vulnerability is triggered when the user opens a crafted MP3 file or loads a remote stream URL that is mishandled by Clementine. Attackers could exploit this issue to cause a crash (DoS) of the clementine.exe process or achieve arbitrary code execution in the context of the current logged-in Windows user.

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Overall state of this security issue: Does not affect SUSE products

This issue is currently not rated by SUSE as it is not affecting the SUSE Enterprise products.

SUSE Bugzilla entry: 1193986 [RESOLVED / INVALID]

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