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Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

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Docker in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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Docker & SUSE

Before virtualization, to bring up a new server took days; virtualization reduced the time to minutes; and, now, with containers and Docker, it takes just seconds.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 includes support for Docker, an open source technology that automates the deployment of applications inside Linux Containers, without additional cost.

Docker from SUSE provides customers with enterprise-focused features and easy-to-use tools that improve operational efficiency and allow you to more easily and fully use innovations in the Docker space.

Enterprise Ready
Operational Efficiency
Easy to use
Enterprise Ready

Your enterprise needs more than what a regular open source project offers. SUSE:

  • Provides pre-built images that are built from trusted sources.
  • Supports an on-premises registry that resides behind your firewall with authorization function.
  • Enables you to meet compliance requirements with SUSE tooling that’s part of the OS, to perform audits and inspect the images of containers, including running containers.

With enterprise quality support in your production environment, Docker from SUSE is ready for your enterprise.

Operational Efficiency

Docker provides an agile development environment to quickly and reliably deliver business applications across multiple cloud and non-cloud environments with the highly automated configuration and management of these complex architectures.

By making Docker available on hybrid architectures including x86-64, IBM POWER (LE) and IBM z Systems, SUSE provides you optimal choices to improve operational efficiency.

Easy to use

SUSE offers easy-to-use tools:

  • YaST and others, to build, deploy and manage Docker
  • Portus, an open source tool, provides a simple UI for your on-premises registry with search and collaboration capabilities
  • In the near future, customers can use the same SUSE Manager UI to manage Docker images as well as VMs

What’s more, you can also make the most out of your existing ISV application certifications on SUSE and run them in a containerized fashion. Rest assured with SUSE’s promise to make it easy for Docker deployment and management.