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When you run SAP HANA, the next generation of SAP in-memory computing technology, you want to ensure that the underlying OS you choose gives you enterprise-level reliability, availability, scalability, manageability, and security to meet your needs.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the recommended and supported OS of choice for SAP HANA and is currently running in over 5800 SAP HANA installations.

Drive Digital Transformation with SUSE

SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides the digital transformation platform for S/4HANA delivering the stable, secure and highly flexible platform needed for SAP customers to become true digital companies. The Gartner Group Newsletter “Drive Digital Transformation with SUSE” gives you access to a free report on use cases for SAP HANA, and SUSE insights on defining your digitalization path.

High Availability
Security Hardening
Simple Management
Unparalleled Performance
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High Availability

With Automated Failover

Since 2011, SUSE and SAP have been constantly working on improving the scalability and high availability of SAP HANA so that customers can grow their deployments to include multiple nodes and true big data environments. To ensure high availability and disaster recovery, SAP HANA can replicate your SAP HANA system within the same data center or across two data centers. This feature is called "SAP HANA Systems Replication." SUSE supports this feature by providing two resource agents for customers to ensure the high availability of SAP HANA System Replications.

Security Hardening

Through Your Operating System

At least as important as the security of the SAP HANA database is the security of the underlying operating system. Many hacker attacks are targeted at the operating system and not directly at the database. Once a hacker has gained access and sufficient privileges, he or she can continue to attack the running database application.

SUSE has a long-running history in IT security for Linux operating systems and offers a comprehensive security package for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to protect systems from all kinds of security incidents. In order to further improve the security standard specifically for SAP HANA, SUSE has developed the Operating System Security Hardening for SAP HANA guide and Tech-cast.

Simple Management

With SUSE Manager

SUSE Manager will enable you to efficiently manage a set of Linux systems and keep them up-to-date. This is done by connecting SUSE Manager to package and update sources, organized as repositories. SUSE provides a technical resource, Setting Up SUSE Manager for a SAP HANA Scale-out Scenario, that describes how to install a SUSE Manager server and how it could be used to update your SAP HANA scale-out scenario. Learn more about how to Tame your IT environment with SUSE Manager.

Unparalleled Performance

Accelerate Time to Value

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP applications is the recommended OS for SAP HANA and consistently provides outstanding uptime and performance—even under full CPU loads and high memory stress. Read more about our SAP solutions or visit the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications product page.

Public Cloud


If you want to run a complete SAP HANA instance running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon EC2, AWS provides a Quick Start Reference Deployment that launches an SAP HANA cluster of 1 to 5 nodes and requires minimal effort. Use the AWS SAP HANA Reference Deployment Guide for an overview of the architecture and to get links to the AWS CloudFormation template that automates the installation. See more at the AWS Marketplace.

SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure

SUSE and Microsoft are working together to provide a frictionless path to adopting SAP HANA on purpose-built cloud infrastructure that is backed by best-in-class support and high-availability. Microsoft Azure enables you to run the largest SAP HANA workloads on the cloud with the reliability and scalability you need. See more on the Azure Marketplace and read a deployment guide for SUSE VMs for SAP Applications on Azure here.

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