Supports Major Hardware

SUSE Linux Enterprise is supported on all major server and desktop hardware, including Intel and AMD 32 and 64 bit x86, Intel Itanium, and IBM Power and System z. Free trials are available for all these platforms.

Patches and Updates are Free

Not only do you get code with your free trial, you get access to 60 days of software maintenance–180 days for your Itanium servers. Now you can experience first hand how quick and easy we make it to patch and update your systems, and do it for free!

Five reasons you'll love SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:

  • Run anything–over 9200 applications certified and supported
  • Run it anywhere–runs on five processor architectures and works great with Xen, KVM, ESX and Hyper-V
  • Run it reliably and securely–designed for mission-critical workloads, offering Tier 1 reliability, scalability, security and manageability
  • Run it for less–run your workloads at a fraction of the cost for your Itanium servers
  • Run it for a long time–flexible subscription model lets you use any generally available version of our operating system, going forwards or backwards as your needs change