Setting up SUSE Manager for a SAP HANA Scale–Out Scenario

If you are looking to use SAP HANA solutions in a scale–out scenario, you will need a dependable method of updating your SAP HANA servers.

SUSE Manager enables you to efficiently manage a set of Linux systems and keep them up–to–date. The benefits in a SAP HANA scale–out setup are:

Reduce complexity of managing SAP HANA environments

  • Ensure consistent management of SAP HANA and all other SAP systems
  • Manage your SAP systems in physical, virtual and cloud environments

Manage your channels effectively

  • Create and manage development, QA and production channels, so you can move from one system to another with ease
  • Add and manage third–party channels

Simplify compliance

  • Audit the patch status for SAP HANA and subsystems
  • Track the configuration changes and make sure all administrators have the right authority for changes

Slash costs of ownership

  • Automate system management tasks for SAP HANA and all other subsystems
  • Leverage a web–based single interface to see the status of all your servers
  • Use your resources effectively