The SAP HANA database typically stores business-related information and very often, this information can be considered as being critical. In particular this is the case for ERP systems using SAP HANA as their database. Also many other SAP applications using HANA, like BW systems, might store sensitive data in the database.

At least as important as the security of the HANA database is the security of the underlying operating system. Many hacker attacks are targeted on the operating system and not directly on the database. Once a hacker gains access and sufficient privileges, he can continue to attack the running database application.

SUSE Linux Enterprise server is the recommended and supported operating system for SAP HANA. SUSE has a long running history in IT security for Linux operating systems and offers a comprehensive security package for the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to protect systems from all kinds of security incidents.

SUSE developed this guide, dedicated for the security hardening of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 running SAP HANA databases.