The SUSE Cloud Program provides some significant benefits to ISVs that can help build your business

Roadmap to the Cloud

SUSE has provided you all of the tools you need to take your application to the cloud.

SUSE Studio is a tool that allows users to create a customized, distributable version of SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSE with just a few mouse clicks:

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SUSE Gallery is a free, web-based venue where ISVs like you can publish and promote their software solutions leveraging the appliance form-factor. It allows anyone creating an appliance within SUSE Studio Online to immediately publish their appliance for viewing and downloading by end users.

Cloud Vendors Software stores: Some cloud vendors have established storefronts allowing you to offer your software for end-user consumption. By using SUSE Studio, you can quickly replicate your application images or appliances in various cloud image formats, for easy uploading to these different sites.

In addition, we have a complete SUSE Appliance Program which allows you to certify, build, evaluate, and go-to-market with your software solutions in a few easy steps.

SUSE Cloud Certification Program

Regardless of the deployment location, customers want assurances that the application will work on their operating system. Therefore, we have worked closely with SUSE Cloud Program partners to extend our certification to their IaaS. any ISV application that was certified for a SUSE Linux Enterprise product is also automatically certified for cloud deployment when used with that SUSE Linux Enterprise product on one of our SUSE Cloud Program partners.

Certified Application Catalog

Our commitment to ISVs is evident by the focus we have placed on the development of tools and programs to enhance their business opportunities. That investment has resulted in the establishment of the largest Linux ecosystem of partners. With over 1500 ISVs and 6800 certified applications (as of March 2011), our online catalog helps enterprises find your solutions.