Cloud Service Providers can expand sales by reselling SUSE Linux Enterprise Server—the OS that runs six of the ten fastest computers in the world, and has the largest Linux ISV ecosystem.

Specifically designed for mixed IT environments, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server integrates seamlessly into heterogeneous infrastructures, enabling IT managers to both efficiently and cost-effectively deliver core data-center services, saving them time and money, improving resource utilization and reducing risk. An extensible and highly flexible solution, you can run almost everything, on almost anywhere—physical, virtual or cloud.

Strongest Linux Ecosystem, Period.

We have worked diligently to ensure that SUSE Linux Enterprise is the definitive platform leader for certified Linux applications. Our ISV partner ecosystem has grown to 1575 partners worldwide offering over 6800 certified applications on the latest versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise (as of March 2011). More ›

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has been endorsed by leading technology providers like Microsoft, SAP, and VMware.

The SUSE Cloud Program continues to grow with additional partners coming on board.

World Class Support

SUSE offers world-class support for its solutions. With an expansive network of partners, innovative tools, proven escalation processes, and industry recognized awards and certifications, you can be assured you'll get the expert help you need, when you need it.

As part of the SUSE Cloud Program, SUSE enables cloud providers to offer Service Level Agreements to their customers. Cloud providers can enhance their cloud service offerings and increase their revenue and margin opportunities either by providing their own support for SUSE Linux Enterprise instances, backed by our expertise, or reselling our number-one rated Linux support.