SUSE and Cisco

Welcome Cisco sales! SUSE is eager to partner with you to deliver Linux solutions to your customers. And to prove it, we're giving away $50 pre-loaded charge cards* to Cisco sales representatives who engage in a sales-planning call with us.

Fill out the form to the right with the names of three customers or potential customers you would like to discuss with us. We'll contact you to discuss these customers and to explore how we can help you deliver cost-saving and performance-improving solutions that will keep your customers loyal to Cisco for years to come.

Have a quick chat with us about three customers and you get $50. It's that easy!

We can help you deliver solutions like:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud solutions quickly and easily
  • Mission critical systems built on FlexPod and Vblock
  • Migrating UNIX workloads to Cisco UCS and SUSE Linux Enterprise

So choose which customers you want to talk about and enter them today!

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Downloadable Information:

*Up to $550 per calendar year per person limit. $50 pre-loaded charge cards available after each discussion of three leads or prospects with SUSE sales representative. Offer subject to change.