SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time

The business success of many organizations depends on high availability and responsiveness of their enterprise IT systems. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time is an open source, real time operating system designed to reduce latency and increase the predictability and reliability of time-sensitive, business-critical applications. If your business can respond quicker to new information and changing market conditions, you have a distinct advantage over those that cannot. Running your time-sensitive business-critical applications using SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time reduces process dispatch latencies and gives you the time advantage you need to increase profits or avoid further financial losses—ahead of your competitors.

Key Features
  • Provides precise timing and synchronization with a pre-emptible real time kernel for advanced application workloads.
  • Strengthens reliability of mission-critical workloads with process and task prioritization and the ability to assign high-priority processes.
  • Reduces latency and maximizes application performance through virtualization and by identifying and resolving bottlenecks with tracing and debugging tools.
  • Increase predictability of critical business process response times through real time scheduler classification & hierarchical priority scheme to finish on time, every time.
  • Increases efficiency with the ability to mix real time and non-real time workloads in a single virtual machine.
Version 12

System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements
  • Multicore / Multiprocessor system
  • 1 GB physical RAM
  • 10 GB available disk space
Minimum System Requirements
  • 512 MB physical RAM
  • 5 GB available disk space
Supported Processors
  • x86_64
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What's New

All the predictability of proprietary, embedded real time operating systems, on an open, enterprise quality, future proof platform.

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Lower Latency

Respond more rapidly to changing market conditions and business needs and maximize your revenue opportunities.

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Greater Predictability

Ensure critical business processes complete in time, each and every time, and deliver high quality of service, even under heavy system loads.

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Greater Reliability

Increase the availability of your mission-critical applications, and meet your service level agreements.

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Greater Visibility

Easily analyze the behavior of your time critical applications, identify bottlenecks and improve system performance.

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Lower Infrastructure Costs

Save money now, and in the future, by using less hardware to run the same services reliably and predictably, on an open platform.

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