SUSE SolidDriver Program Ensures Linux Kernel Driver Compatibility

November 12, 2013

Updated program lets customers deploy third-party kernel drivers with confidence

Orlando, Fla. (SUSECon 2013)

SUSE today announced the relaunch of its popular partner Linux driver program. Renamed SUSE SolidDriver to reflect the value and assurance delivered to joint customers, the program offers system and component vendors tools, specifications and processes that help ensure its kernel drivers are easy to deploy, are compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise, and are supported by SUSE and the hardware and component vendors.

The SUSE SolidDriver program accelerates the adoption of new technologies to be used with SUSE Linux Enterprise by removing complexities and risks associated with deploying required kernel drivers, and it gives customers an easy way to identify fully compatible and supported software code.

"The SUSE Bootable Driver Kit enables us to deliver HP ProLiant platforms, including leading-edge components while making sure customers have access to an easy and reliable way to use certified drivers on stable operating systems like SUSE Linux Enterprise Server," said Scott Shaffer, director of HP Servers Operating Environments. "The high standards applied to kernel drivers by SUSE and HP mitigate risk and foster confidence in customer data centers."

In today's fast-paced world of technology, organizations are constantly deploying new hardware into their data centers. Using new hardware often requires installing new, vendor-delivered kernel drivers, which causes anxiety for many customers. But SUSE Linux Enterprise customers can deploy with confidence the third-party Linux kernel drivers they need through the SUSE SolidDriver program, which establishes standards to ensure kernel drivers are verified as compatible and supported.

Gerald Pfeifer, SUSE senior director of product management, said, "Years ago, vendor delivery of Linux kernel drivers was not nearly as smooth or consistent as enterprise users required. We have worked hard to provide specifications for compatibility and supportability of kernel drivers, establishing a process and complete toolset that ensures vendors and SUSE together are reliably enabling products and features on SUSE Linux Enterprise."

Today's announcement was made at SUSECon 2013, being held Nov. 12-15 in Orlando. For more details on the SUSE SolidDriver Program, visit

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