SUSE Linux First to Market with Enterprise-Ready Operating System for the AMD Opteron(tm) Processor

April 22, 2003

SUSE unveils SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64, names distribution partners

New York/Nuremberg, Germany

SUSE Linux today announced the availability of the first enterprise-ready Linux server operating system for the AMD Opteron(tm) processor. Released today, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64, Powered by UnitedLinux - gives customers a stable, secure platform on which to build their next generation applications.

"Only SUSE has a 64-bit enterprise-ready server product available for AMD Opteron(tm)," said Richard Seibt, CEO of SUSE Linux. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for AMD64 enables customers to combine the stability and security of Linux with the performance enhancements available only through the 64-bit architecture."

As the leading developer adding AMD Opteron(tm) processor technology to the Linux kernel, Linux development tools, and other Linux software, SUSE Linux is bringing open source innovation to the traditional IT environment - with defined product release cycles, long-term maintenance services and an extensive portfolio of support services.

"AMD has worked closely with SUSE Linux to develop an enterprise-class operating system and development tools for AMD64," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64, the first 64-bit server operating system for AMD Opteron(tm) processors, provides high performance, flexibility and scalability for demanding enterprise applications in both 32- and 64-bit environments. AMD64 also preserves existing investments in 32-bit hardware and software and provides a simplified migration path to the power of 64-bit computing for SUSE customers."

SUSE also announced agreements with distribution partners - enabling SUSE to extend its reach into this market. Appro, a leading developer of high-density, high-performance server clusters, M&A Technology, Inc., manufacturers of application specific servers for various markets including enterprise, government and education, Penguin Computing, Inc., pioneers of Linux-optimized hardware and Linux-based AMD systems for the enterprise and clustering markets, Polywell Computers, Inc, PSSC Labs, the premier provider of Beowulf Class Supercomputers, RackSaver, the leader in high-density, rack-optimized servers, blade servers and supercomputing clusters, Tempest Computers, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based firm specializing in the design, assembly and integration of high-end, high-availability servers and high performance server clusters.

Primary developer of Linux port to AMD64 from the very beginning

SUSE engineers have been working closely with AMD since mid 2000 porting Linux to AMD64 and helping to drive the Linux community's contributions. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 provides businesses with a future-proof server operating environment expertly tuned to the AMD Opteron platform -- attracting certifications from leading independent software vendors.

"SUSE has worked closely with Oracle from the beginning on both our 32-bit and 64-bit efforts for the Opteron(tm) processor," said Dave Dargo, vice president, Linux Program Office, Oracle Corp. "SUSE leadership as the first 64-bit Linux OS provider on the Opteron(tm) processor, combined with the availability of industry leading Oracle9i Database on Opteron(tm), shows the commitment that Oracle and SUSE have to lower our customers' computing cost while providing high performance, scalability and enterprise functionality."

"SUSE Linux partnered with IBM and AMD to deliver the industry's first database support and enterprise application to run on the AMD Opteron(tm) platform at LinuxWorld last August," said Lauren Flaherty, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions. "The combination of IBM DB2 Universal Database and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on AMD Opteron(tm) systems enables customers to access DB2's 64-bit database environment and optimize 32-bit application performance. In addition to initial support of the AMD platform, DB2 database software will also support SUSE Linux and AMD Opteron(tm) in a clustered environment for a variety of industries including finance, retail, oil and gas and life sciences for customers deploying two to 1,000 node Linux clusters."

First choice for high-performance computing for heterogeneous networks

Based on the joint industry standard UnitedLinux 1.0, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 combines maximum performance and reliability with an unprecedented scalability. As the only server platform worldwide with a uniform code base for all relevant hardware platforms, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 is ideal for consolidating heterogeneous server structures, thereby lowering administrative, training and support costs -and significantly reducing total cost of ownership.

"SUSE long ago innovated the 64-bit Linux market, and proved the viability of Linux for high-performance computing. Our engineers have drawn on their experience in developing Linux operating systems for other 64-bit platforms to create a best-of-breed Linux operating system for the AMD64 platform," said Markus Rex, vice president of Development, SUSE Linux. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 brings high-performance computing to every Linux customer, combining terrific Linux technology with a powerful architecture."

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 comes with an optimized kernel 2.4.19 that enables high availability solutions and the high-performance interaction with storage systems in the SAN by means of asynchronous I/O, multipathing memory access, and the management of up to 600 physical hard disks. Load balancing and the O(1) scheduler are responsible for the optimum balancing of the computing capacity in the network.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 provides improved scalability for up to 64 processors and up to 512 GB of main memory. These characteristics make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 an ideal computing cluster platform for 32- and 64-bit high-performance computing solutions and environments with advanced speed and scalability requirements.

Apart from a providing complete 64-bit operating system including Apache, perl, MySQL, Samba and Sendmail, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 allows the execution of both existing 32-bit x86 and new 64-bit AMD applications and offers all necessary components for building C and C++ applications, both for 32-bit x86 and 64-bit AMD64 code.

Distribution partners

APPRO will announce the AMD Opteron(tm) as part of its server portfolio on April 22, 2003. Appro is a leading developer of high-density, high-performance servers. APPRO offers a range of server products from density-optimized multi-purpose servers and clusters to their latest and most powerful Appro HyperBlade clustering solutions. Appro provides enterprise-level reliability and scalability, uncompromising quality while offering an excellent price/performance ratio. For more information please visit

M&A Technology ( is a Texas based, leading solution provider of high performance servers and workstations to the OEM and enterprise market since 1984. M&A's experience, consultative sales approach and large manufacturing capacity have made it a popular choice in the OEM embedded computing market for 1U, 2U and 4U designs. M&A also has extensive experience in the corporate datacenter and IT environments and operates its own 6,000 square foot datacenter for e-business services.

Penguin Computing, Inc. is an AMD Opteron(tm) Launch partner - featuring its brand new Altus 1000E cluster platform preloaded with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for AMD64. This potent new hardware/software combination will form the backbone of Penguin's AMD 64-bit clustering strategy. For more information, please visit

Polywell Computers Inc will have four different models of AMD Opteron(tm)-based systems with preinstalled SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 available. For more information, please visit

PSSC Labs will integrate the Opteron(tm) into their high performance Linux clusters. PSSC Labs provides turn key solutions for government, university and research organizations to meet their high performance computing needs. For more information please visit

RackSaver is a premiere provider of high-density individual rack-optimized servers and supercomputing clusters. RackSaver has been based in San Diego for over five years and is committed to providing custom built solutions for virtually any market needing high-performance computing power at the lowest possible cost. To learn more about RackSaver and its unique supercomputing cluster solutions please visit or call (858) 874-3800.

Tempest Computers specializes in supercomputing cluster technology; very powerful supercomputers requiring significantly smaller budgets. Besides providing the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center with peripheral computers; the company includes among their customers: Carnegie Mellon University, Seagate Technology, Cisco, Duquesne University, Alcoa, Curtiss-Wright and numerous other regional corporations and governmental entities. Visit Tempest Computers, Inc.'s website at

Availability and Pricing

The recommended retail price of US $448.00 for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 for AMD64 includes four CDs, documentation, and the SUSE Linux Maintenance Program for one CPU for 12 months. The product can be obtained today directly from SUSE and from SUSE Linux Partners.

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