SUSE Linux Develops Linux Desktops for Enterprises

October 29, 2002

"SUSE Linux Office Desktop" enables the continued utilization of Microsoft Office applications, "SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop" to be released in the first quarter of 2003


Today, SUSE Linux, the international Open Source technology leader and solutions provider, announced a multi-stage product campaign for the corporate desktop deployment of SUSE Linux. Starting January 2003, small and medium-scale enterprises will be able to migrate to Linux on desktops using the "SuSE Linux Office Desktop". "SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop", a Linux version optimized for desktop deployment in large-scale enterprises, is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2003.

Even Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer can no longer deny that Linux has established a place in the server room of enterprises. The rising cost pressures and increasing demand for more independence from manufacturers prompts a growing number of enterprises to consider alternatives for company desktops.

"In numerous desktop projects during the past years, we gained insight into the various needs of enterprises," explains Petra Heinrich, VP Qualified User at SUSE Linux. "The clear increase in the customer demand for corporate Linux desktop solutions has confirmed our conviction that the time has come to carry the accumulated experience to the market in the form of desktop products tuned to the needs of our target groups."

Products for SME, Large-Scale Industry and Public Administration

The first element of SUSE product campaign for the utilization of Linux on workstations will be available January 2003. Using SUSE Linux Office Desktop, small companies as well as private users without any previous Linux experience, will be able to utilize the stability and security of Linux on the desktop. In addition, SUSE Linux Office desktop will allow users to continue the processing of existing data with accustomed applications such as Microsoft Office.

For the first quarter of 2003, SUSE Linux projects the release of SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. With a focus on easy central administration, this Linux version will be optimized for deployment in large-scale enterprises, public administrations and companies with multiple locations. Already in use for more than one year is a corresponding SmartClient installation at Debeka, a German insurance and financial services group, with over 3000 PC workstations in more than 230 locations. Currently, SuSE migrates another German insurance company, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung, with up to 1000 desktops to Linux.

SUSE Linux Office Desktop - Tailored for Windows Migrators

SUSE Linux Office Desktop combines the technology and user-friendliness of SUSE Linux 8.1 with proven tools that facilitate the migration from Windows operating systems and applications. During the installation, SUSEsystem assistant YaST2 (Yet another Setup Tool) automatically detects the existing Windows 95/98/ME installation and submits a suitable proposal for the rearrangement of existing hardware space and the Linux software to be installed. Due to the partitioning tool Acronis OS Selector, the migration to Linux performs smoothly, even with a preinstalled Windows XP/2000.

"Thanks to our partnership with SUSE we are very pleased to offer the unique partition technology in our OS Selector software to all SUSE Linux users," said Maxim Tsypliaev, President of Acronis. "Our commitment to the Linux community as a whole, and specifically to SUSE Linux users, is demonstrated in the fact that we are the only system software publisher today who offers full support for all Linux file systems, including ReiserFS, Ext2, and Ext3."

Microsoft Office or StarOffice - Users Have the Choice

SUSE Linux Office Desktop seamlessly enables the continued use of existing data. StarOffice 6.0 by Sun Microsystems offers text processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications in Linux, combined with mature filter functions for data exchange. In addition, StarOffice Base provides a powerful database. Codeweaver CrossOver Office 1.2 allows the utilization of accustomed applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio 2000 on the SUSE desktop. For the first time, IBM Lotus Notes can be used from a Linux client. Both KDE 3.0.3 and GNOME 2.0 are available as graphical desktop environments. With the functionality and appearance of the mail client Evolution, users will not miss Microsoft Outlook. SUSE Linux Office Desktop provides all tools needed for office clients in a small or medium scale network.

Price and Availability

The new SUSE Linux Office Desktop will be available from SUSE Linux resellers from January 2003. The recommended retail price for one workstation is $ 129.00 and includes detailed documentation as well as 90 days of installation support.

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