Datalounges Using SUSE OpenStack Cloud to Provide Managed Cloud Services

November 3, 2015

Datalounges customers building revenue-generating services on SUSE cloud platform


SUSE® today announced Datalounges, an enterprise cloud service provider offering highly customizable cloud environments, uses SUSE OpenStack Cloud to provide a managed cloud services environment for companies of all sizes. Datalounges selected SUSE OpenStack Cloud as its strategic platform for delivering enterprise cloud services, along with full consulting and support services.

"SUSE OpenStack Cloud gives our customers the power to do anything they want," said Kai Kankaala, board adviser, Sales, at Datalounges. "We are seeing rapid growth in customers building their own revenue-generating services on our platform. They focus on their business opportunity, and we provide the robust cloud service that underpins it."

Emphasis on providing complete, fully supported infrastructures rather than just individual servers has helped Datalounges grow rapidly. The company's private cloud landscape runs on dedicated HP blades, and customers can choose a fully managed or self-managed solution or anything in between. Datalounges uses SUSE Manager to provide end-to-end cover for the fully managed environments, and the company is developing its own tool based on OpenStack Ceilometer for managing and automating virtual infrastructure.

"SUSE OpenStack Cloud has been our cloud services platform from day one," Kankaala said. "We also tested pure OpenStack and the Red Hat variant. The SUSE option was superior in terms of pricing, the enterprise-level support and built-in automation features. We want to be the best OpenStack cloud computing service provider in Finland. That's why we partnered with SUSE."

Mark Smith, senior marketing manager of cloud solutions at SUSE, said, "Datalounges' success with SUSE OpenStack Cloud is a clear example of OpenStack's maturation as the leading open source solution for private cloud. Many businesses are seeking greater agility, speed and flexibility to create new, innovative projects to fuel business growth. That's where SUSE OpenStack Cloud ties in, providing customers with a pain-free private cloud experience with built-in high-availability in a production-ready solution."

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