Academic Buying Program FAQ

Customer Eligibility

Can my institute and I participate in the SUSE Academic Program?

If your institute qualifies, you and your institute can participate.


My institute qualifies, how can I sign up?

If your institute is already a registered customer in SUSE Customer Center, you can ask for program participation directly. Otherwise you need to register. Our Academic team would then review your application quickly and grant access to the exclusive material under this program.

Who decides if my institute qualifies?

If questions arise on the qualified status on a specific institution, SUSE opinion will govern.

My organization trains commercially but offers students who register with us a high discount, can we participate?

You would probably not qualify, but we would advise you to contact our SUSE Training Partner team. The SUSE Academic Program is meant to be used for non-commercial educational purposes on (student) campuses.

Using SUSE Training Material for Staff and Students

When we've signed up for the SUSE Academic Program we would like to include the SUSE Certified Administrative course in our curriculum. Would it be possible to do that?

You would gain full access to Trainer and Student Material for your use for non-commercial training.

Our faculty will include part of your course material. The education will be done by our staff. Are we allowed to do this?

Your ALA/SLA agreement remains, covering any Novell®/NetIQ® product you purchased as part of the ALA/SLA agreement.

How many copies of the trainings are we allowed to give out?

The SUSE Academic Program allows campus use of the training material with no limitations to the number of students that make use of the material.


What subscription models qualify?

The SUSE Academic Program is available to all institutes that qualify regardless of the subscription model used.

Our University renews SUSE as part of Micro Focus Academic License Agreement (ALA). Can we continue with ALA? (Same for SLA)

Your ALA/SLA agreement is a buying program offered via Micro Focus. SUSE continues to supports ALA/SLA renewal of previously purchased SUSE products. New products would need to be covered under the VLA-Education buying program instead. Regardless of the buying program (if any) used, the benefits of the SUSE Academic Program are available to all institutes that qualify.

What will happen with my ALA/SLA when I move to VLA-ED? I only have SUSE products in there.

You will need to cancel the ALA/SLA agreement in line with the contract by providing written notice to Micro Focus or SUSE preferably 90 days prior to the end of a contract term. However, in case of a transfer from ALA/SLA to VLA-ED with no surviving other products under ALA/SLA the cancellation will be pro-forma and SUSE will accept any cancellations before the contract end-date.

We have SUSE products under support but want to use some SUSE technology in a Lab setting for educational purposes. Can we do that without software compliance issues?

If you have signed up for the SUSE Academic Program you gain free use of evaluation subscriptions with a long evaluation period (some products for one year, some far longer). This is specifically for the use of SUSE technology for non-profit educational lab and evaluation purposes.


Has SUSE changed their pricing under VLA-Education with the introduction of the SUSE Academic Program?

SUSE Academic Program product pricing and offerings have been adjusted. The list price for SUSE Linux for Education with Self Support has been lowered, and additional products have been added (e.g. unlimited virtualization, Lifecycle Management). Therefore we would strongly recommend reviewing the changes with your local partner or with SUSE directly.

Are there any changes in benefits or entitlements if we're part of SUSE Academic Program and buy via VLA Education?

With the SUSE Academic Program, you gain additional benefits that are not part of any other program. If you have more than 50 SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers for Education (self-support) purchased per any year, additional benefits are available to simplify your server deployment and management on campus.

We have many virtualized Linux instances, without support. What makes the SUSE Academic Program interesting for us?

SUSE Academic Program has added SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers for Education with Unlimited Virtualization with Self Support. Also, we added an option that includes SUSE Lifecycle Management. SUSE offers a very economical solution for management, configuration, updates, patching, and security compliance for all (SUSE) Linux VMs, bringing control to the data center.