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Q3 2023 Results

Quarterly Statement Q3 2023 Download

Q2 2023 Results

Interim Financial Report Q2 2023 Download
Quarterly Statement Q2 2023 Download
Results Presentation Q2 2023 Download
Q2 FY23 Trading Update Download
Webcast Q2 2023 Download
Transcript Q2 2023 Download

Q1 2023 Results

Quarterly Statement Q1 2023 Download
Presentation Q1 2023 Download
Webcast Q1 2023 Download
Transcript Q1 2023 Download

Q4 2022 Results & FY22 Annual Report

Annual Report FY22 Download
Annual Report FY22: ESEF xHTML Download
Quarterly Statement Q4 2022 Download
Results Presentation Q4 2022 Download
Q4 FY22 Trading Update Download
Webcast Q4 FY22 Download
Transcript Q4 2022 Download

Q3 2022 Results

Quarterly Statement Q3 2022 Download
Results Presentation Q3 2022 Download
Webcast Q3 2022 Download
Transcript Q3 2022 Download

Q2 2022 Results

Interim Financial Report Q2 2022 Download
Quarterly Statement Q2 2022 Download
Results Presentation Q2 2022 Download
Webcast Q2 2022 Download
Transcript Q2 2022 Download

Q1 2022 Results

Quarterly Statement Q1 2022 Download
Results Presentation Q1 2022 Download
Webcast Q1 2022 Download
Transcript Q1 2022 Download

Q4 2021 Results & FY21 Annual Report

Annual Report FY21 Download
Annual Report FY21: ESEF xHTML Download
Quarterly Statement Q4 2021 Download
Presentation Q4 2021 Download
Webcast GB 2021 Download
Transcript Q4 2021 Download

Q3 2021 Results

Quarterly Statement Q3 2021 Download
Key financial metrics, Q1 2020 to Q3 2021 Download
Presentation Q3 2021 Download
Webcast Q3 2021 Download
Transcript Q3 2021 Download

Q2 2021 Results

Quarterly Statement Q2 2021 Download
Interim Financial Report Q2 2021 Download
Presentation Q2 2021 Download
Webcast Q2 2021 Download
Transcript Q2 2021 Download

Q4 2020 Results

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements FY 2020 Download

Q4 2019 Results

Audited Consolidated Financial Statements FY 2019 Download

Ad Hoc announcements Archive

August 17, 2023 SUSE S.A.: SUSE S.A. enters into a Transaction Framework Agreement with its majority shareholder to facilitate a voluntary public purchase offer and delisting Download
May 10, 2023 SUSE S.A.: SUSE S.A. reports lower than expected trading in Q2 FY23 leading to revised guidance Download
March 21, 2023 SUSE S.A.: SUSE S.A. appoints Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen as new CEO Download
May 17, 2021 SUSE S.A. sets final offer price for IPO at €30 per share Download