Social Matters

Organizations today face increasing pressure to become more agile to grow, compete and survive. By helping our customers digitally transform, SUSE is helping them create more sustainable enterprises. To fulfill our mission, we focus on digital inclusion and increasing open source adoption. Open source communities are essential not only to our business but also to drive collaboration and innovation across all business sectors.

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Committed to Open

SUSE's engineering approach is based on open source, which is therefore a core part of our business model and value proposition to our customers.

We aim to increase open source community engagement and open source adoption. This work is central to our mission of enabling better futures and delivering measurable value for our customers, employees, partners, communities and investors. 

Digital Inclusion

  • At SUSE we believe digital access is a human right, and we seek to promote access and equity in the open source community through professional development courses, internships and apprenticeships. 

  • We believe SUSE can play a role in addressing the industry-wide talent shortage in the critical area of cloud-native application delivery, partnering to introduce the Cloud Native Application Architecture Nanodegree program. 

Open Source for Good

  • By enabling our customers to innovate, SUSE uses open source for good. Our code and solutions are found across the economy and have even been to Mars. 

  • Closer to home, we focus on using open source for good through university partnershipsCovid-19 support and climate change monitoring


  • Sponsored primarily by SUSE and supported by several open source companies and communities, the openSUSE Project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux, tools around it, and open source. 

  • The openSUSE community develops, builds and maintains many of the packages, tools and infrastructure for the distribution, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the global free and open source software community.