Social Matters

Organizations today face increasing pressure to deliver mutually beneficial value to their shareholders and the world at large. By enabling our customers to innovate everywhere, we organically help them create more sustainable enterprises. To fulfil our mission, we focus on increasing open source adoption and ensuring security for our customers and the community. Open source communities are essential to our business and drive collaboration and innovation across all business sectors.

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Committed to Open

SUSE's engineering approach is based on open source, which is therefore a core part of our business model and value proposition to our customers. We aim to increase open source community engagement and open source adoption.

The value exchange is mutually beneficial and enables the creation of robust, secure and innovative solutions for our customers, employees, partners, communities and investors. 


  • SUSE's certifications and teams continually work to develop security solutions that ensure reliability and create trust between SUSE and our customers, as well as with their customers.

  • The work to fully open source NeuVector, a formerly proprietary technology, is a testament to SUSE’s culture and our commitment to delivering open, interoperable, and innovative solutions to our partners and customers. 


  • Sponsored primarily by SUSE and supported by several open source companies and communities, the openSUSE Project is a worldwide effort that promotes the use of Linux, tools around it, and open source. 

  • The openSUSE community develops, builds and maintains many of the packages, tools and infrastructure for the distribution, working together in an open, transparent and friendly manner as part of the global free and open source software community. 

  • The SUSE & Rancher Community is a vibrant community of developers and other technology enthusiasts to connect, discuss and share knowledge around open technologies. 

Open Source for Good

  • We view open technology as a vehicle to do good in the world.

  • By enabling our customers to innovate, SUSE uses open source for good. Our code and solutions are found across the economy and have even been to Mars. 

  • Closer to home, we support Open Source Software Foundations. These non-profit organizations provide the needed grounds, structure and legal framework for open and collaborative software development for the public benefit.