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SUSE Awarded 16 Badges in G2 Spring 2023 Report


Spring is here and so are the latest G2 Badges! I’m happy to share that G2 has awarded 15 badges to SUSE in its 2023 spring report, plus the overarching ‘Users Love Us’ badge (again). G2, the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace, recognized Rancher, SLE Desktop, SLE Real Time, SLES and SUSE Manager as High Performers and Momentum Leaders. G2 also awarded the openSUSE Tumbleweed Linux distribution.

Building off the momentum from our latest badge report, we received Here’s a rundown of all of them, including a newly recognized APJ badge for SLED.

  • Rancher was recognized as overall High Performer and Easiest Admin for Mid-Market companies
  • SLE Desktop was recognized as a High Performer in the following categories: Small Business, Mid-Market, Enterprise and High Performer Asia Pacific
  • SLE Real Time was recognized as overall High Performer
  • SLES was recognized as Momentum Leader, High Performer (overall and Mid Market), Leader
  • SUSE Manager was recognized as Best Meets
  • Tumbleweed was recognized as High Performer



Customer testimonials:

Why users love Rancher

“It was pretty simple to set up and very easy to deploy. Very different from other container solutions. When we needed technical support, they solved our problems very quickly in a very short time. It was quite successful in our automation problems.”

Their web GUI simplifies many daunting tasks for users new to Kubernetes.”

“We have been able to introduce a modern application delivery and automate their testing and deployment. Rancher has also allowed us to offer applications to end users that otherwise would be pushed to the “cloud.””

Why users love SLE Real Time

“Although all flavors of Linux are perfect for enterprise grade DB hosting, SUSE comes on top in terms of flexibility and ease of management. Especially if you are running SAP.”

Why users love SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server)

“It is simple to deploy, configure, and maintain since it has a comprehensive set of system administration, monitoring, and automation tools.”

Why users love SUMA (SUSE Manager)

“Orchestration and management of multiple distributions in a physical datcenter. Eliminating the need to access different OS and install the patches and software updates separately.”

“With SUSE Manager, I can easily manage all operating systems with linux distribution. This leaves me a lot of time. It is very successful on the automation side. Our patch management works never stop. If we have a problem, the suse technical support team can produce a solution immediately.”


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