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Watch the future of Retail


On YouTube I’ve published a three-part video of a presentation I did in early July 2010 to IBM retail partners. The sound volume is a bit low, and this was all recorded with a little flip mino camera, so please excuse the bad quality.

The three video snippets are mainly intended for any of you who want to use Linux in retail as a solution provider and are wondering how solutions from Novell can help you be more successful.

Nevertheless, especially the first part about how we see the future of the Point of Service might also be interesting to you if you are a decision maker in retail or just curious about how the future in retail IT may look like.

The new features in SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service 11 Service Pack 1 are only mentioned briefly in this presentation. Watch out for more blog posts to come on Service Pack 1.

This is Joachim Werner blogging live from the SUSE offices in Nuremberg, Germany.

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  • Avatar photo FlyingGuy says:

    Where is the beef?

    POS Software needs to be real. I have not seen anything from Novell in this regard. I have heard lots and lots of talk about it, but I have yet to see anything. Whatcha got to show?

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