Want the full benefits of Ceph Jewel, now? Better call SUSE.



SUSE Enterprise Storage 3.0: Ceph Jewel is here now, fully supported, not on its way.

There are moments when, reading around in the tech media, its fantastic to hear that the future will be here soon. Thus, within a few clicks on Google looking for for Ceph Jewel information, you can find Gartner rating it for capabilities against the likes of IBM Cleversafe, Scality RING, HDS ECS, Cloudian Hyperstore, DDN WOS, Caringo Swarm, SwitfStack Object Storage, NetApp Storage Grid, and Huawei OpenStor UDS. Ceph Jewel has lofty companions and is clearly holding its own against the biggest names in storage – holding its own and advancing on them with a development roadmap that expands faster than proprietary rivals, and by a distance.

You can quickly determine that Jewel, the 7th LTS (Long Term Stable) release of Ceph includes many enhancements. You will learn that Ceph provides storage that has no single point of failure by spreading data across a cluster and scales to the petabyte level. You will discover superior compatibility with OpenStack’s Swift storage API (Application Programming Interface). There’s the first stable, feature complete release of the Ceph Filesystem, offering snapshots, volume repair and disaster recovery tools. And support for multiple Ceph file systems across a single cluster.

You can add these learnings to the stuff you already know: Ceph software is completely free, you can run it on commodity hardware, and it can cost you less for long term storage than Amazon Glacier – without the whopping charges for bringing old data back on premise when if you need it later (and with the UK’s decision to ‘Brexit’, you might find all sorts of nasty surprises coming your way with the rules that govern where your data has to be stored, and who has the power to check you’re doing it right. Better brace yourself for an uncomfortable ride of you are paying for OpEx services in dollars!)

Yes. There are those moments when you read this future is ‘coming soon’. Like the Amazon ‘buy now’ button for your fridge, or the patently ridiculous claims about delivery by drone (as if the local kids wouldn’t be kidnapping the copters). But Ceph Jewel’s full capability isn’t here ‘soon’. They are here, now, and AGAIN, its SUSE that is bringing it to you first. Its not ‘forthcoming’ its not ‘near’ its not ‘in the post’ like a promised late payment by cheque, its here, now.

So, as usual, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the latest Ceph LTS immediately, better call SUSE.

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