SUSE: Winning awards left and right


As a kid we were all told that winning isn’t everything.  “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”  That’s absolutely true.  But, I’ve gotta say, winning feels pretty darn good.

SUSEAward-StorageAwardsAt the 2016 Storage Awards, SUSE took home “Cloud Enabler of the Year” for SUSE OpenStack Cloud and “Availability Platform of the Year” for SUSE Enterprise Storage.  Here’s what Dave Tyler, the editor of Storage Magazine (whose readers chose the winners), had to say about the awards:

“Once again the readers of Storage Magazine voted in big numbers for SUSE. Two wins and three runner-up finishes show readers’ esteem for SUSE. For the second year running, SUSE has proven they merit this distinction by providing award-winning, quality products in both the storage and cloud arenas. SUSE’s enterprise storage offerings are proving popular precisely because they exploit the best aspects of Ceph, which is rapidly establishing itself as the go-to storage solution for OpenStack deployments.”

SUSEAward-DataCenterCloudVendorOfTheYearThen, at the Datacentre Solutions Awards, SUSE took home the prize for “Data Centre Cloud Vendor of the Year.”  Jason Holloway, Director of IT Publishing for the organizers of the awards, said:

“The Datacentre Solutions Awards recognize the product designers, manufacturers, suppliers and providers operating in the global data centre management field and are voted for by the readers of a wide range of print and online publications. All finalists did well in making the shortlist, but SUSE was the clear winner in its category, Data Centre Cloud Vendor of the Year. SUSE has always achieved a high degree of innovation combined with a keen focus on customer requirements and it’s no surprise to see them win an award for the second year running.”

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