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SUSE Rules the Stack. For the third time in a row.


rts_vancouver_logoOne year ago, at OpenStack Summit, Intel sponsored the first “Rule the Stack” competition — to see who could build a complete OpenStack infrastructure in the shortest amount of time. The crew from SUSE won.  By a mile.

Then, last November, at OpenStack Summit Atlanta, Intel sponsored “Rule the Stack” round 2 — with the added requirement that the deployed OpenStack infrastructure must be able to withstand a series of attacks.  Once again, SUSE absolutely crushed the competition.

Flash forward to the present.  At OpenStack Summit Vancouver, Intel hosted the third “Rule the Stack” competition.  For the third time in a row, an engineer from SUSE (Dirk Mueller) took home the gold, deploying a complete OpenStack infrastructure faster than… anyone.

Who came in 2nd place, you might ask?  Well, SUSE engineers (Adam Spiers and Vincent Untz) took home the silver as well.  They even put together a nice post talking about how they did it.

Three contests, three victories for the team behind SUSE OpenStack Cloud.



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