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SUSE and OpenStack: Making Some Noise!


In case you missed it, SUSE is making a bit of noise recently in the OpenStack world.

Last month we released SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 based on the upstream Newton release. It now includes Kubernetes as a Service for container orchestration, non-disruptive upgrade capabilities and support for unified storage by integrating the OpenStack shared file service with CephFS delivered through SUSE Enterprise Storage.

Then last week SUSE completed the acquisition of HPE OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets, increasing our stake in the OpenStack market while getting some exciting technology and really talented people.

On the partner side, we continue to build out our OpenStack partner ecosystem as well with partners like AppCara who has been successfully deploying their SUSE OpenStackCloud-based App360 cloud management platform to launch and manage multi-cloud and multi-tier applications, and Trilio who we’re working with at joint customers to deploy the  industry’s first native backup and recovery solution for OpenStack. More to come on both these partnerships.

We hosted a couple of great webinars recently, the first with Talligent, the leader in cloud cost tracking for OpenStack. Openbook is certified to run in a SUSE OpenStack Cloud environment, and supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server running in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine. In case you missed it, you can view the SUSE-Talligent webinar here.

The second webinar was with Midokura, makers of the software defined networking solution Midonet.  The networking piece of OpenStack is typically the most complex to deploy, but the one that has a tremendous impact on the overall effectiveness of the solution. Midokura has solved this challenge at a number of SUSE customers. Here’s the link for you to watch the replay of the SUSE-Midokura webinar.

2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for OpenStack and for SUSE. If you want to know more, join us for next week’s webinar: Change is Everywhere! How Can SUSE OpenStack Cloud Help You Deal With It? where you’ll learn how SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 can help you adapt and innovate to meet the challenges ahead. And visit us in person at the OpenStack Summit in May in Boston. We’d love to see you.




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