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SUSE Manager and Ansible: Making Automation Easier and More Powerful


Configuration and automation platforms have become increasingly important to control an organization’s ever-growing IT landscape. There are a variety of popular tools in the market and companies may have already made investments in a particular tool, one of them being Ansible.

Adopting SUSE Manager, or migrating to it, does not mean that you should necessarily renounce your previous configuration management systems investment. SUSE Manager 4.2 provides support for Ansible packages and connects to Ansible Tower to onboard clients and manage them with SUSE Manager. This means you do not have to re-implement your Ansible automation solution. SUSE Manager 4.2 allows you to simply re-use and run your Ansible playbooks. Saving time and resources by consolidating tools while keeping existing automation investments

Ansible is an incredibly powerful provisioning, configuration, and deployment tool, one that many IT admins and businesses would struggle without. But when you combine the power of Ansible with the automation and lifecycle management abilities of SUSE Manager, there’s almost nothing you cannot do for your IT landscape. If your developers and administrators are already familiar with Ansible, you will be doing your business a major service by upping their game with the added benefits of SUSE Manager. And with the Ansible integration, you can harness the declarative nature of Salt and the imperative nature of Ansible.

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