SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.2 Public Beta (Beta 2) is out!



We are thrilled to announce the Public Beta (Beta 2) of SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.2!
SLE Micro is an ultra-reliable, lightweight operating system purpose built for edge computing. Please check out our Product page to learn more, but for the beta program, please refer to our dedicated beta page.

Notable Changes

  • NEW way of installing SLE Micro with SelfInstall iso images, they are equivalent to the respective .raw images, but instead of having to dump them to the storage device of the host, they can be booted from a CD or USB stick and the raw image will then be dumped to the selected storage of the device.
  • sdo-client has been replaced with fdo-client; This has been provided as a Maintenance Update for SLE Micro 5.1
  • Major update of the podman version (3.4.4)
  • Updated Cockpit to latest long-term support version (251.3)
  • Added the VM management plug-in of cockpit
  • Major version for transactional-update
  • Added several packages, e.g. CIFS client, afterburn for public cloud deployment
  • Updated most of the components to match latest updates of the SLE15-SP3 code stream

Call for feedback

We are eager and excited to retrieve your feedback on this new version of our beloved SLE Micro product! As with any SUSE Public Beta Program, we have a public mailing list in place for technical and product discussion as well as a bugzilla setup to be used for bug report.

Please refer to SLE Micro Beta web page for more information.

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