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SUSE CaaS Platform on rails


Containers are trendy and everybody is talking about them, yet not so many people saw them in the real life. We have also struggled in how to explain containers to business users so they can understand the value of container based applications and see the future of IT. In past, we had built LEGO Excavators to show and explain the business value of high availability for the customer. And it worked really well. People understood the value of the solution much better and quicker than any time before. Now we had the challenge how to visually present something similar for our latest solution SUSE CaaS Platform.

All men were once little boys who liked to play with trains. So when we thought about how to demonstrate our container management platform in physical way, trains were perfect fit for it. Just imagine those long trains with tens of containers behind delivering goods to their final destinations. To complete the story we have selected SAP Data Hub solution as an example of container based application. We have built a showcase which is explaining to business users the role of SUSE CaaS Platform in the SAP Data Hub solution.

Check out the video to see the whole story…



  • Avatar photo Marek says:

    Suse, to me this video, although interesting, seems a PR fail – why don’t you record the same in English…. or at least dub it…

  • Avatar photo Martin Zikmund says:

    Hi Marek, I agree it would be better to have it with English voice, but at least I have provided English subtitles. The whole activity was done as local activity and then we saw more broader interest to I have publish it online.

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