Stay Up On Latest Security Vulnerabilities


Staying updated on the latest security vulnerabilities can be daunting which can understandably lead you to ask whether a particular version of SLES is vulnerable. The first thing to note when you get a security notification, for example from,, or even by word of mouth, is the CVE identifier which will look similar to this:


CVEs are unique, common identifiers for publicly known cyber security vulnerabilities.

Once you have the CVE, it’s easy to find out whether a particular version of SLES is vulnerable, if there is a patch available for download, or what the current status of the patch release is.

Just append the CVE to and add .html to the end. For the above example, CVE-2015-5477, to find out more information related to this vulnerability and how SLES is affected, just enter:

If page is not found, it means that the information for this particular CVE isn’t available yet.

You can also browse directly to to find links to all CVEs with currently information posted.

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